Sunday, December 8, 2019

Guess Who Christmas edition

Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope you can take the time to enjoy this season.  My stake is hosting a special nativity event for the community today, so we only have Sacrament meeting....hence, no singing time.  I had an idea come to mind this morning, so I thought I would share it in case this could help anyone out last min.

Remember the kids game "Guess Who"?  Loved that game so much.  This idea is based off of that concept.  I taught the kids "Who is the Child" last week.  If I were able to teach this week, I would have reviewed that song and also had a few more songs in the mix for variety.  This would work well especially if you wanted to sing Christmas songs.


6-8 pictures of different people or objects that may be sung about in Christmas songs.  Example: A picture of Joseph, Mary, Jesus, A star, An angel, The stable, a lamb, a shepherd, a wise man, a present...etc.  One picture should coordinate with each song.   (I will just find free "clipart" and label each picture so there is no confusion as to what or who it is)  Let me know in the comments if you would like me to send you the clip art file of the songs I choose and the pics.  I'll eventually add it here, I just don't have it done yet since I'm coming up with this on the fly.

Words to songs your kids may not know

A song chart with pg numbers for your pianist.


Have the pictures displayed on the chalk board.  Tell the children that we get to sing Christmas songs today and that if they listen carefully, they will hear clues as to who the song may be talking about.  Sing the first song.  Have a child ask a yes or no question to begin to eliminate the other pictures to see if they can come up with who you have chosen to highlight in the song (such as, is this a person?  Is this a place?  Is this a boy?  Is this a girl?  etc).  Sing the song again (perhaps in a creative way) and have someone else ask a question of elimination.  Continue this pattern until time is up.  Give the kids a point for every one of the pictures they eventually get correct.

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-The Crazy Chorister

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