Friday, June 26, 2009

New Song Sunday- Jesus Once Was A Little Child

If you're wondering where my post for this week's activity is..scroll down a bit to previous posts.

I decided to post this today since my upcoming week is very busy. I am so excited that we were able to choose this month's song. Jesus Once was a Little Child fits well with the monthly theme and it was a childhood favorite of mine. Here's the plan to introduce it on Fast Sunday....


3 baby pictures of different primary teachers (Have them also provide you with a picture of when they served a mission or got married in the temple)

1 picture of Jesus as a child--there are several beautiful depictions in the GAK

1 picture of Jesus teaching, healing...etc. Again, there are many to choose from.

Picture Prompts

You may want to scan the pictures into your computer and use the projector to show them to the primary, or you can do it the old fashioned way and hold them up for all to see.


Tell the children that we get to learn another new song. Have the pianist play through the song softly as you get out your primary "Photo Album". Have the teachers sing with you to the children the first verse of the song.

Next, as the pianist softly continues to play the melody, show the children the different pictures of the teachers as babies or children. Have the children guess who is in the picture. Have one of the pictures in the set be a picture of Jesus as a child. (Do not waste a lot of time on this, it should really take only about 3 min or less)

Now, show the pictures of the primary teachers on their mission or being married. Again, have the children guess who it is. Have one of those pictures be of the Savior teaching or healing. (Again, don't loose time by saying too much about the pictures...)

Tell the children that their primary teachers were once children and now are grown up and have gone on missions or been married. Tell them that someday, they will be all grown up and do the same things. And, just as Jesus Christ was a child just like them, someday we can all be like Him if we live the Gospel. We all have divine potential.

Get out your picture prompts and begin by singing the first line to the children. Have them repeat the line. Ask them to next try and listen for three qualities that Jesus had as a child (pure, meek, mild). After they answer the question, have them sing the line. Ask them to listen for a word that repeats itself three times at the end of the song. When they give the answer (try, try, try)..explain that in order to be like Him we need to always do our best and keep going forward even when we make mistakes. Sing the First verse through once or twice. If you have time, continue on with the second verse and point out the important qualities and similarities that Jesus has and that they have.

Hope this helps some of you...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Take Time To Take a Breath....

I don't usually post anything personal per say (so forgive my indulgence), but I had to share the little piece of heaven I get to enjoy outside my door everyday. It's inspiring, and it reminds me that this world is full of the beauty of our Heavenly Father despite the hardships we might endure. I hope this lifts you like it lifts me.
Keep up the good work, you're making childrens' lives more beautiful.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Test Week- Always Smile at a Crocodile

Howdy Folks! I am always amazed at how quickly time goes by ..and we're to another Test week already. Here's the plan to see how well they know this month's song.


Crocodile Game (straws or sticks if you don't have one)

I have this simple little game that we bought for my kids last Christmas. It is just this little crocodile that you lift its mouth open and push down the teeth. When you get to the tooth that it is set on, it shuts the mouth quickly (no pain involved). It rotates so you never really know what tooth it is set on. My kiddos love it, and I thought it would be something really fun to take to primary. If you don't have one or can't find one, I am sure you could use sticks or straws and make one shorter than the rest and have the child that gets the short straw be the could call it "the short end of the stick"...or something like that.

Anyhow, here's how you play...


Tell the children that you brought your pet Crocodile to church today. He is shy, and you were hoping that they could make him feel welcome today by smiling and singing their best. You could even have them give him a name if you want.

Anyhow, tell them that he has come to test them on their knowledge of this month's song. Explain that you will go up and down the isle with him as they are singing this month's song, all the while having a few kids push a tooth down. When his mouth closes, the person who pushed that tooth will then have to say the next line of the song. If they get it right, Mr. Crocodile will open his mouth again. (Jr. Primary can use their classmates or teachers for help). I will make it clear that Brother Crocodile won't open his mouth for people who are not singing or being reverent. Do this twice all the way through the song and then tell them they pass it off (if they sung it well both times).

For Sr. Primary, I plan on making the last round a speed round. They have to push the teeth fast and we'll stop several times throughout the song.

For Jr. Primary, we'll do this at an even pace for two rounds with that song just to make sure they know it, and then we'll continue this activity only allowing the child who chooses the tooth that closes the mouth to pick their favorite primary song.

Have a great week!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Program Review Week--Flies in the Primary Room, Shoo Fly Shoo

This coming week is Father's Day. We'll be singing in Sacrament meeting, and sadly I won't be there to hear those cute kids sing...but, I know they'll do great. I also won't be there for Primary and so I have a sweet sister who was so kind to take my place...Thank You Sister Worth!

So, on to this week. My sister is a middle school English teacher (a great one at that), and gave me a cute idea for a review game that she plays with her kids before tests. I choose to use flies as my theme because I live way out in the country with cows and horses and yep,...flies. This time of year is especially bad for that so I think everyone will relate in my primary. But, if you live in the East you could use fireflies and attach a picture of a Mason Jar to your fly swatter and call it "catching fireflies" or you could do pictures of butterflies and use the little dollar store creative and have fun with it. Here is my version.


2 new (unused) fly swatters. (I got these at the dollar store. They have some really cute and colorful ones to choose from.

6 pictures of flies or bugs with the songs for the program on them. ( I simply looked up Free Fly Clip art on the web and found the picture I wanted)

Tape or magnets to hang them on the chalk board (I am going to use tape, I think it will hold better for this game)

Clues for Sr. Primary

Picture prompts for each song (if necessary)


JR: Tell the kids that some flies have come to primary today and you need help getting rid of them. The only way they will fly away is if we swat them and then sing them out. Have a child come and take a swatter and swat whatever song they would like. Then sing that song creatively or normally. Don't bother with clues because most of the kids can't read anyway. They will just like the fact they can slap the silly fly.

SR: Tell the kids that some flies have come to primary today and you need help getting rid of them. Give two children each a fly swatter. Tell them these are tricky flies and so they really need to listen and move fast. Give them a clue that they can quickly figure out such as "this fly has landed on the song that talks about where we lived before we came to Earth." Then, the children will race to see who can slap the correct fly first. This is NOT suppose to be a competition, just some don't keep score or put people up against each other like that. Sing the song that is correct.

You should be able to do all 6 songs within your 20 min time frame, but if for some reason you don't get to all of worries. Have a great week.

PS Dad, I love you. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I am grateful for you. Happy Father's Day.

PPS Honey, you're the greatest. I love you. Thanks for being my bestfriend. Our kiddos are so lucky to have you be their daddy. Happy Father's Day!

Clues for Hide and Seek the Lord Early

I am sorry this is late for some of you. I have had company this week and barley was able to write out my clues. They are pretty universal to every one's primary room, so I hope they can help some of you. Make the needed changes to have them fit better to your primary room and teachers.

Clue #1--sing soft/loud
As we enter Primary
she plays soft songs so dear.
She helps us sit so reverently
we feel the spirit near.


Clue #2--sing staccato
I have two hands and a face
I move round and round,
but go no place


Clue#3--Boys/Girls sing
It is hard to hear in the back
without this neat device.
It magnifies the sound we hear
so we need not say it twice.


Clue#4--Turn around and sing to the hallway to get a wave
Our primary would be very dark
if it were not for these.
They let us see the world outside
and feel the gentle breeze.


Clue #5--Have them Hum every time they would have sung the word "Seek"
Set up just for primary,
a place to sit and hear
our talks and songs and lessons
of Jesus Christ so dear.

Clue #6--Ooh, Aah, hum...the entire song
Her smile is quite radiant.
She serves with all her might
to teach her class the gospel truths
and help them choose the right.

(Girl teacher)
Clue # 7--Follow the leader
He’s really tall, about 6'4".
He speaks a different tongue
he learned while on his mission
ask him to speak it some.

(Boy Teacher)

Clue #8--Sing as if we are preforming the primary program
You’ve sung your best and past the test
You’ve memorized this song.
If you seek you find
now look behind
He’s been there all along.

(Picture of Christ at the back of the Room)


Monday, June 8, 2009

Repeat Week- Hide and Seek the Lord Early

I had so much fun yesterday introducing June's song to the Primary kids. It went over really well. Here is next Sunday's plan for repeat week. Remember, repeat week's purpose is to sing the song as many times as possible while still having fun.


8 3x5 cards with clues written on them (Hide these cards around the primary room before the children get in there.) I suggest not to put them in envelopes because some kids have a difficult time opening them. Help the younger kids read the card.

Each card will contain a clue to where the next card is hidden in the room. It will also have a way to sing for that turn such as....sing Acapella, Staccato, whisper sing, turn around and get someone from the hallway to wave at us by singing with gusto, sing the first two lines of the song, fast, slow....etc.


Tell the children that for repeat week you hid a very important gift and we are going to play Hide and Seek to find it. Tell them you have hidden clues all around the room and in order to find the next clue we have to sing how the card suggests. Go through the activity finding the hidden cards and singing the song. The last card will lead us to a picture of the Savior. Congratulate them on "Finding" the gift.

Simple and effective. Have a great week.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Discovery Week-Seek the Lord Early object list-

Some of you requested an object list for the activity listed just below this post. Here is what I will be using--

Magnifying Glass--- "Seeking" (they won't realize that it is actually a clue before the it ends up being the "missing piece" that we had all along. It will help them understand that they have been given the Gospel in their hands and if they use it by reading the Scriptures, making right choices, and following Jesus Christ they will find Him early in their lives and have His spirit to be with them all their lives.)

Watch-- "Early"

Picture of Primary Kids Singing--"Youth"

Judges Gavel--"Truth" (It is to help them understand that with the Lord's help they will be able to judge between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and falsehoods....if you do not have access to one of these you an use a picture of one)

Scriptures with a picture of the Savior inside---"Scriptures find him there"

Mormon Ad "Need to Talk"--"prayer" (here is a link so you can see what I am using...

An Iron Rod--"Obey" (I happen to have a steel rod that I can bring...if you don't have access to something like this, again you can bring a picture of an iron rod or you can use the picture in the GAK of Lehi's Dream)

Copy of the May 2009 Conference Ensign--"Living Prophets"

Big Heart--"Love will Abound"

Picture of Jesus Christ's Second Coming-"He will be Found"

I hope that helps some of you. Remember to make this your own and think what your specific primary will respond to and understand. I am using these objects in conjunction with my picture prompts because I do not want to bring this stuff back week after week. I want them to just remember the objects and the picture prompts will just help mostly to remember the words for succeeding weeks. Happy Crazy Choristering!