Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Introduction Sunday: When I am Baptized pg 103

Howdy Folks!  Every now and then I get the phone call of my dreams and someone asks me to substitute as Primary Chorister for a day.  So, I thought I'd include what I taught on Sunday just in case it would help any of you out there.  It's been so long since I posted....I truly hope this blog is still helping some of you out.


1 colorful umbrella (or just an umbrella)
1 jacket (I brought my rain jacket..but any jacket will do)
1 Rain Stick (there are several DIY on how to make a rain stick.  Just keep it simple)
Colorful Popsicle sticks (you can get these at the craft section of Walmart)
Four different color streamers (I chose Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green)
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green card stock with one line of the song on each one...for example, RED would have the line "I like to look for Rainbows", Blue would have "Whenever there is Rain"....etc.
White Card stock that has the chorus on it.  I used four pieces of White card stock for the chorus'.

Before hand, attach small strips of streamer to the Popsicle sticks.  Match the color of streamer with the color of the Popsicle stick.  The idea is to make small banners the kids can wave around.


Begin by having the kids guess what song you will be learning about.  Show them the umbrella, put on your rain jacket (if you have rain boots that could be fun too)....have them silently raise their hands when they think they know.  Pick up the rain stick...let them hear the sound a couple of times.  When you have the majority of the children raising their hands, have the pianist begin to play the music softly.  Ask the children to hum the melody with you.  You could even point out that the rhythm of the music is similar to the rhythm of a soft rain.   Pass out your banners.  Try to spread the different colors around the room.  Have the children say the words of the song with you as you hang up the different colors of papers on the board.  Explain why rain cleaning the Earth can be symbolic of our own baptism.   Tell the children to listen for the rain stick sound to start the music.  Encourage them to be reverent.  Then, have each group stand and wave their banner in coordination with the color of paper on the board.  Ex,..the red group would stand, wave their banner, and sing.."I like to look for rainbows"  then the blue group would stand and sing.."Whenever there is rain....etc.  All groups stand and wave their banners and sing the chorus.  Have them do this exercise twice.  Then, if there is still time, repeat the exercise with the second verse.  I simply had the second vs words on the reverse side of the colored paper.

Hope that sparks some ideas of your own.  Happy Chorsitering!  I'm jealous of all of you.

Love,  The once upon a time Crazy Chorsiter