Thursday, December 29, 2011

Introduction Week: As A Child of God

Well...some of the wards in our stake were split a few weeks back.  I stayed in the Primary Presidency, but we lost our until we get another one.....I get to fill in!!!  So much fun.

So, This coming Sunday we will begin learning "As a Child of God".  I thought I'd post my plan just in case any one out there still visits this blog...


Two Large bags (Brown Paper Grocery bags work best)---on the front of one put Choice #1 and on the other put Choice #2.

Several objects that correspond with the words of the song....The words I picked are:

Earth (globe or picture of Earth), Choose (the word on a piece of paper), family (picture of family), light (flash light or other light you can bring), Holy Ghost (picture of a child praying with the word Holy Ghost attached to it), Right(The word Right and an arrow pointing to the right).

Several objects that are silly fill in words for the words in the song....what I chose is:

A Picture of Mars, A Cookie, Stuffed Animal, cell phone, Comic Book (or other magazine), A picture of a nice meal representing Dinner. are you confused is how it will all come together...


Before Primary, put the objects randomly into each bag. Make sure you don't have all the correct choices in the same bag so it doesn't get predictable.

Have a child come to the front.  Tell them that we are learning a brand new song that will help us understand the importance of making good choices and how that can bring us peace and happiness.   Tell them the first line to the song.  Pull out the Globe and the Picture of Mars.  Tell them that the first line of the song is....." I came to ? with the power to ?   Have the child choose between the two objects to fill in the blanks.   You could say... Is the correct line... I came to EARTH.....or I Came to Mars?  Then sing repeat the line...and move on through the song until you get to the end.    For the next part I'll say....Is the Line I came to Earth with the power to Choose or I came to Earth with the Power to Make Cookies?   I think you get the picture.  It's simple, yes...and pretty obvious....but I think it drives home the point that choice means something.

In case you have a child that thinks its really funny to choose the wrong answer....humor them and sing the wrong line and show them how it not only doesn't fit the song, but it doesn't fit the message either. 

Anyhow,..have fun.  It's great to be able to do this every now and then.  Have a great week.