Thursday, June 30, 2011

Primary Gone Wild

Well....hello again.  I'm not sure really anyone  checks this blog anymore, but I thought it was about time to post something.  I've been the second counselor for Primary these eight or so months...and I think I've subbed for the chorister at least a dozen times..more or less.  I've enjoyed teaching sharing time (thought about posting some of those ideas...but didn't want to start an entirely different much work).

Anyhow, I thought I should post some of the things I've done as substitute's my first  "I'm the crazy chorister sometimes" post.


10-15 animal puppets.  (I happen to have a great deal of animal puppets, but you could print out cute clipart pictures of animals, color them, and attach them to paper lunch bags to make cute puppets.

Cheat sheet for you and your pianist so the time isn't wasted trying to find the song

A fun bag to put everything in

1 Bean bag

1 coin

1 silly hat or wig or dress up (whatever you have that is silly and can be worn is great...I used a bright, purple wig)


Put your bag full of puppets on a table at the front of the room.  Tell the children that you had a bunch of "wild" friends beg to come to primary with you.  Each one of your friends has a favorite primary song they would like to lead the kids in, and they also have a special way they like to sing their song.

Percy Pig---Percy is a prankster.  He loves to do silly things.  (Take the wig out and have Percy hold it)  Tell the children that Percy loves to play "Teacher guess the song".  If the teacher can guess the song in a few notes, the chorister has to wear the silly wig, if they guess it wrong....the teacher has to wear the wig during his favorite song.  (Pg. 253)

Cathy Caterpillar---She loves slow and reverent songs.  Sing the song as slow and reverent as possible.  (Pg. 74)

Floyd Flamingo---Floyd loves to sing his song standing on one leg.  Have the children sing the song while standing on one leg and see who can make it all the way through the song.  (Praise to the Man)

Felix Fly---Felix likes to land on peoples heads during the song and doesn't want to get off unless they know the next phrase.  Have the children hum or buzz the song, Felix will land on a child's or teacher's head during the song and have them repeat the next line.  (Pg. 245)

Polly Peacock---Polly is stubborn and doesn't want to lead the music, but she loves to switch places with a child in the audience.  You and Polly go sit where the child was sitting and have that child lead the song.  (pg. 95)

Marvin Monkey--- Marvin loves it when the children sing his song monkey style in Ooo's and Aahs.  (pg 159)

Freddy Frog---  Freddy just cannot stay still for music time.  He loves to hop right out of his seat every time he hears the word "I".  Have the children up every time they sing the word "I"  (Pg 77)  (for Sr. primary, I let them hop down the row to the next seat....they loved that.)

Charlie Chicken---  Charlie loves it when the kids sing staccato so he can peck the beat.  Have the children help charlie peck the beat to this song.  (pg. 118)

Matthew Moose---Matthew loves to play "hide it and find it".  Have Matthew give the bean bag to a child to hide it, and then have a child come and find it while you play the song.  You could even have the child finding it wear Matthew on their hand so he can "help" too.  (pg. 96)

Edgar Eagle--- Edgar likes to fly up high so the children will sing louder, or fly down low so they sing softer.  (If I listen with my heart)

Alfred Alligator---Alfred loves to smile at people.  Have the children face the door of the primary room.  Have them sing.  If someone comes by, have them smile as big as possible to try and get that person to smile.  You might have to prearrange for someone to walk by.....(pg. 236)

Peter Pelican--- Peter loves to carry around shinning things in his mouth.  Have him show the coin.  Tell them that he is going to throw it up in the air.  If it lands on heads..boys sing.....if tails...girls sing.  (pg 164)

Oscar Owl--- Oscar loves to play "hot potato".  Have the children pass around the bean bag as fast as they can to see if everyone can have a chance to pass it before the end of the song.  (Pg. 61)

Brian Bear---Brian just loves primary teachers.  Have the teachers stand up and do hinges as the children sing it.  Have the teachers pretend they are very very old and slow.  Then have the kids stand up and do it as fast as they can.  (pg. 277)

I had the Jr. Primary say "hello" and "goodbye" to the animals as they were picked.  They really loved it.  For Sr. primary...I skipped the pretending for the most part and just used the animals as indicators for the songs and activities....they actually really enjoyed it too.  

I had a great time doing it.  I always appreciate the opportunity to wear the chorister hat again.  Have a great day!