Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Spy with my Primary Eye

I used this for a sharing time idea, but I realized this could translate into a great idea for singing time as well.


Objects or pictures that teach a line or concept of the lesson (song)


Put up the pictures or objects around the room.  Have the kids make glasses around their eyes with their hands and have everyone say..." I spy with my Primary eye..."  and then you fill in the blank with something like...."a picture of the temple" or "something we do before we go to bed at night (picture of praying child)"....etc.  Choose a child to find that object in the room.  Sing a line of the song it goes with, or teach the concept from that picture.  Proceed until all objects/pictures have been found.

Jr. Primary LOVED it, and really got into it.  With Sr. Primary, you could step it up a notch and attach a Scripture reference and  have them look it up.

Have a nice week.