Saturday, November 30, 2019

Introduction Sunday: My, Oh My...It's Primary Pie!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!  I'm a bit late getting this out for tomorrow, but I hope, perhaps if it can't help you today, it may be able to help you in the future.


5-7 slices of pie  (I made mine from card stock and cut it from a pie box design that I found in the silhouette design store.  Here is the link to the designer's blog.(

 If you do not have access to a cutting machine, you can make different pies easily by just cutting out some circles in different colors, stacking individual colors on top of a slightly larger circle that is crust colored.  Then cut into pie shape pieces.

2-3 songs:  Pick a Christmas song or another song you would like to focus on and 2-3 different ways to sing those songs and write those on the back of the piece of pie. (only boys, only girls, humming, quiet, loud...etc)  I will be teaching a Christmas song we will be singing on December 22nd for the special Sacrament Meeting Program.

Song list for your Pianist

Picture Prompts if needed


After a few wiggle songs (especially for Jr. Primary), explain that there will be a very important Sunday in a few weeks where the Primary children have been asked to help others feel the spirit.  Tell them we will learn the words to a Christmas song, and then we will play a fun game with some "left over pie" from the holidays.

Teach the song to the children, making sure to explain words and phrases.  I like to let them listen to the music first and then add the words a phrase at a time to help them feel the special spirit of the song.

Then show them the pie and have a child choose a piece.  Sing the song in the suggested way.  Perhaps have a few pieces of pie that allow the child to choose a song of their choice or their classes choice.  When time runs out, make sure and express your testimony of this song and encourage the children to go home and share what they have learned with their families.


-The Crazy Chorister