Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sing for Baby Jesus-Christmas song review

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas up here in the Northwest!  Fresh snow is on the ground, the tree is up, and Christmas Carols are the daily beat to my day.  I hope you are enjoying the season and allowing some time to enjoy quite and peaceful moments where you can reflect on the Savior of the world and His love for you.

Today's activity is inspired by a Christmas story I read to my children each year entitled "The Last Straw" by Paula McDonald.  In it, a family decides to do secret acts of service for each other during the weeks leading up to Christmas.  For every act of service, they get to add a piece of straw to the manager...the goal being to make his bed the most soft and comfy it can be by Christmas.

In our 20 min of singing time, we will do the same thing, but instead of "service", we will earn straw for his bed as we review our Christmas songs for Sacrament meeting next week and make sure we are singing our very best.


Several pieces of "Straw": You can use anything to represent straw.  (Yarn, rafia, ribbon, paper, or draw the straw on the chalk board and use pictures for the manager and Jesus)

A Manger: If you do not have a manager, you can use a basket or any container you could tape a picture of a manger to it.  Or, if you have an artist friend, have them draw you one on the chalk board.

Baby Jesus:  You could simply use a little baby doll, a figure from a nativity set, or a picture.

Song list for your Pianist


Tell the children that we have a special job to do today as we put the finishing touches on our Christmas songs for next week.  We will earn a piece of straw for every time we sing and act our best as we work on the songs.  We want to make baby Jesus' bed the softest it can be for him.

Review the songs you have selected.  Be generous with your straw giving.  Never use it negativity...never take any away that they have earned.  Work on Reference, standing and sitting, loud and soft,  watching the chorister.....etc.

Have a wonderful week!

-The Crazy Chorister

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