Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review Game: Blind Fold the Teacher

Hi guys,

It's been a really busy summer. I can't believe were are really to the last song of our program. I hope you all are doing well.

I found an adorable idea off the "Divine Secrets of a Primary Chorister" website, and changed it a bit to work for my primary.


Colored Chalk
Christmas Present Bow
Blind Fold

Before Primary, Draw 5-6 pictures of present boxes on the board.


Tell the Children that we're going to review our songs for the year. Have one of the teachers come to the front (I like to pick the class that is being extra reverent to volunteer their teacher). Have them put the blindfold on and give them a Christmas Bow. Tell the children that you are going to point silently to the present the teacher is going to try and put the bow on. Explain that we'll sing one of our program songs as the teacher attempts to find the right present. As the teacher gets closer to the right present, the children should sing softer, and softer...whisper sing. As the teacher moves farther away from the present they are to sing louder, but never louder than beautiful singing allows. Do this with all your program songs as time allows and switch teachers with every song. Most of the teachers found the correct present within a few lines of the just continue to sing the rest of the song after they have found it.

The kids loved this. I wasn't sure if it would go over in Sr. Primary, but they were totally all over it. The last teacher that I had come up I played a trick on. I pointed to an object just beyond the chalk board...and so they became really confused when the children kept singing loud. The kids really loved it, and the teachers all had smiles.

Success! Thanks for the idea "Divine Secrets"!

**The Crazy Chorister


Jackie Chan said...

Hi Melanie. I love your ideas and use a lot of them. I'm not a blogger, but I have a few fun singing times that I've done, but I'm not ambitious enough to start my own blog. I would be happy to send my ideas your way. E-mail me if you are interested: Jackie

Vicky said...

This one is good! We're very much into our reviewing and I've been finding different ways to do the 'hot and cold' technique. They will like this one!!!

Mormon Share said...

This is a great idea! I have added your site to my feeds for LDS Primary. I hope you get lots of traffic -- your site is wonderful!