Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5th Sunday Fun: Back To School (revised)

All my primary kiddos are headed back to school next week, and I thought it would be fun to revisit this activity since it was a favorite last year. I've seen this idea around on many sites now, and I love some of the with those ideas and the crazy ideas of my own I've revised this a bit. The base of this revision came from a version of this idea posted on Sugardoodle by Erika Soelberg.

Our program is scheduled for the end of October, and since I feel we have a lot of time and know the songs really well already..I thought we would set aside our program songs this time around, and sing other songs we haven't had the chance to enjoy due to all our hard work. I also am doing this so they don't get so bored with the music that by the time the program comes around that shows in their voices and faces as they sing these amazing songs.

You can easily adapt this activity to fit the program songs if that is your wish. This activity can be done in the normal 20min...but I would suggest cutting it down a bit. I have the entire time on Sunday so I'm free to go crazy.


1 Backpack

1 pencil box with enough pencils for each child to have one. Put a star sticker on 6-8 of them.

6-8 folders with different subjects listed on the front of the folder....and the song and activity listed on a paper on the inside of the folder.

Basket full of Apples for their teachers on your desk

Any other props that are needed for the activities that go with the songs. I'm not going to take the time to list them here as they will vary depending on how elaborate you really want to take what ya wish and toss the rest.


Biology: "My Heavenly Father Loves Me"-- Have a small bag or box filled with different picture clues such as a bird, blue sky, rain, wind...etc. Have the child try and guess the song from the pictures. When they have guessed correctly, have several children hold the pictures while singing the song.

Art: "I Love to See the Temple"--Divide the chalk board in half with a line. Allow two children to see the title of the song. Have them race to draw a picture that will help their team guess the song. After a correct answer has been given, sing the song. For Jr. might want to have a teacher do the drawing.

Language Class: "Children All Over the World"---write the different words for thank you on the board and have the children guess what language the words are. Practice saying the words a few times.

Anatomy: "I'm all made of Hinges" Sing this song as a little kid (really fast), as an old man (really slow) and as a Primary teacher...(reverent).

Music: "Primary Children Sang as They Walked..." Give the primary children a clue such as...."they probably walked up hills both ways to school and were happy about it".....then ask the two opposing teams how many notes they need to get the song. The group with the lowest notes can guess the song after the notes are played.

Reading: "The Books of the Book of Mormon"--Have them open their scriptures to the contents page. Sing the song with them once through while they are looking at the words. Have them close the book. Sing it three more times getting faster each time seeing if they can sing it without making a mistake.

Recess: "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ...."---Have them spread out their chairs a bit so there is room between them and the person in front of them. As you sing the song, have them move down a chair each time they sing the word "I". Have the person on the end quickly run around to the end of the row to begin again. (BTW..the kids LOVE this...although, it can get a bit just tell them we have to complete this task as reverently as possible to get a good grade in this subject.)

Math: "I like My Birthdays"---Show them a tray or box full of items. Have them take a good look at it. Take it away and remove 8 items. Show them the box again while they sing the song. See if they could figure out what 8 items were taken away.

Pop Quiz: Have a balloon with a paper inside and a dime. Have someone pop the balloon. The paper should say, "Toss up". Tell the child if it is Heads their teacher gets to pick the song, if its tails they get too. Have the child flip the coin. Sing the chosen song.


Explain that today you're going to prepare them to go back to school. Hand out the pencil box and have the children pick a pencil. Tell the children to check their pencils for a star. Have one of the children with a star pencil come up and pick a folder. Do the assigned task. When the child is done, have the pick an apple out of the basket to give to their teacher. Some where in the middle, have the pop sure and bring a push pin to pop the balloon.

Have a great week!