Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pizza Instructions....

Hi Everyone,

I can't keep up with the requests for the Pizza instructions so I'd thought I'd make it easy on myself and just direct you to this YouTube video that has complete steps on how to make this cute pizza. I modified it a bit making it 8 slices instead of four, and made a whole lot more toppings using the same method (bacon, pineapple, anchovies, olives, tomatoes, extra cheese, sauce..etc). I made my own pattern using her specifications and I was trying to include that here, but my scanner is not working right now. I'm sure you really don't need the patterns anyhow...we all have mixing bowls at home that are the right diameters anyway...right?

This year, they get the crust for free and they earn their toppings week by week. I give the Sr. primary a "Challenge" each week to learn a certain part of the song. When they come back the next week, the first thing I do is have them pass off their weekly challenge and earn their topping for that slice of pizza.

So, just go to here. If you need more help, leave a comment here and I'll try and help you. Thanks for all the nice comments and requests.

Also, some of you wanted to do the Ice Cream Idea from last year. That is listed in 2009 Jan under Motivators for the year. They earned a scoop for every song learned "program perfect". I only had one Ice Cream chart for both Jr. and Sr. When we got through earning all the scoops...I let them earn some bonus toppings. It was so great when the party day came. It was a great highlight to the year. Also, some of you wonder if that would be tough on the budget.... i think it cost a total of $23.00 for out large 112 kid primary. And, everyone had at least two large helpings. So, I think it will work out for you. But, remember to get permission from the Pres. before putting any of this forward to the kids.

Have a great week. If you have all of 5th Sunday coming up in a few weeks-I've got you covered so hang in there.


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Heart Mommy said...

Hey I love your pizza idea and will be doing it this year as well... But I just wanted to let you know that I added to the effect of everything by going to Sam's Club and asking for two (because we have a Junior and Senior Primary) Plain Pizza boxes... So darling.... Thanks for the ideas...