Saturday, January 2, 2010

"It's Saturday Night and I need a Fast Idea" #1

Okay folks...I decided to add a new posting on Saturday Nights. I can't promise it will be every Saturday night, but hopefully it will help some of you who've had the kind of week I've had and just need a quick alternative to the idea right below this one.

So you basically present the idea just below this post for "I Know My Savior Loves Me" but you eliminate making the story book. Just tell the children the story while they are gathered 'round you. I would suggest going to the "Primary Singing Ideas" blog that is in my blog list on the side and print a copy of the flip chart for the song (It's a great flip chart). Then teach them the song using the flip chart in the same way and conclude the same way. I believe this will have close to if not the same impact as the idea below and it takes little no prep.

If you want the half-way-between idea..go to the library before primary and get a picture of Christ appearing in the America's and display this picture while you tell the story. Make sure you're not taking more than about 2 min to tell the story. You want the most time for the song.

Some have asked if I made my book with both first and second verses...the answer is, "Yes". I don't know how much time I'll have, but I came prepared to introduce the second verse if there is time.


Kevin said...

LOVE this idea. I'm hoping to be planning earlier since I have 9:00 church now, but I know I'll be taking advantage of your FAST ideas on Sat. night most of the time. THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN for your ideas!

Tiff said...

Yes....THANK YOU!!!!

Mirazz said...

I loved your idea. I used the library pictures to tell the story, then had the kids come up with signs for the different phrases in the song like the 2010 manual suggested. It went over really well! thanks!

Haley said...

I'm very new to my calling as Primary Chorister, like 4 hours new. I was wondering if you use the same flip charts for Sr primary as you do for Jr primary. Does it seem to matter that the Jr primary can't read the words? I have a feeling I'm going to become a regular to this blog. Thanks in advance!

Melanie said...


Yes, I do use the same flip chart for both senior and jr. I always have a picture with the phrase (jr) and I use all of the words (sr) not just key words they can sing along with me and remember the words faster.