Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Concept Review--"It's For You!"

I wanted to help review the concept for week four in our outline "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love Me" by doing an activity with the kids that helps them understand this and helps them know that singing beautiful music is singing praise and showing our Heavenly Father and Savior that we love them too and want to be near to them.

I adapted this idea from an idea posted on the Sugar Doodle web site a few years ago.


1 Cell phone that can play a primary song ring tone

An assistant that will stand in the hallway and call your phone at specific times. Provide them with a script that they can follow.


Begin by baring your testimony that you know Heavenly Father loves you and loves them. Tell them that you are grateful for prayer so you can feel your Heavenly Father's love when you talk to Him. Tell them that you're grateful for music so you can sing praises to Him. Tell them that today you would like to talk about some ways they can better feel the love their Father and Savior has for them.

At this point, have your assistant ring your cell phone. Look surprised and maybe even a bit flustered. Dig in your bag and pull it out before it stops ringing. Answer the phone. Have your assistant ask to speak with one of the Primary kids. Hand the phone to the child and say, "It's for You!". Have your assistant tell the child how much they love to hear the primary sing and have your assistant ask the child to ask you if they could sing...."I Feel My Savior's Love". When the child asks you, be really excited and say yes. Have the assistant say thank you and goodbye. Get your phone back from the child. Have the primary sing the song.

Ask the children what that songs says about how we can better feel our savior's love. Write some of their answers on the board. During this...have your assistant call your phone again and ask for a different child. They'll ask the child to ask you if the primary can now sing...."My Heavenly Father Loves Me"....

Continue this process with two or three more songs....always talking about the meaning afterwards. Have the assistant always compliment the child who is talking on the phone and praising them for their singing efforts.

Have the phone ring one more time. Answer it. Put it on speaker phone. Have the assistant thank the primary for their beautiful music and tell them how it made them feel inside...that their music made them feel loved. Have them say goodbye and have the kids say goodbye.

Finish by telling the kids that much like talking on the phone, we can communicate with our Heavenly Father through prayer and song and feel His love in return.


Lindsay said...

I so totally LOVE this idea. I don't have a cell with a special ring tone but I think I will do it anyway. I think the kids will love it.

Vera said...

This is a great idea. Love it. Any phone can add free ringtones through phonezoo.com and you can even make your own from downloaded primary songs mp3.s. It's free I have been doing it for a year and have had to adds or anything sent to me.

Alicia said...

I just got called as a primary chorister in my ward and I was referred to your blog. I am so glad to have a wealth of resources from your wonderful posts! Thank you for all of it, and keep it coming. :)

McNary's Blog-log said...

I seriously got really emotional reading this. LOL. I am a very emotional leader too! the kids expect me to cry every sunday. i just have so much passion for music and children i ABSOLUTELY LOVE my calling. I am totally going to do this fun one next week. thanks for ALWAYS making me look so dang good!

Adam and Kollen Marchant Family said...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your ideas. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing it.

Mary Beth said...

This one was fabulous - my kids thought it was so hilarious and unreal (I loved the teachers' faces when my cell phone started ringing...)

Lance and Millie Williams said...

This was really fun for our primary! I have 153 kids this year and it's always hard to keep it quiet and to keep their attention. I told them that if they sang loud and were reverent then maybe the phone would be for them next! Thanks for sharing such great ideas! You are a life saver!

Vera said...

We had fun with this idea yesterday. The poor kid who had to answer it the first time was very nervous. What relief when he realized it was a primary thing. It was Ward Conference and we had visiting Stake Leaders - she said she couldn't believe I answered my phone at first. The Stake President even came in. It was fun. Thanks for the idea.

Smart Family said...

You have such great ideas, thank you for sharing them with those of us who are not so creative. We did this last Sunday. I thought the first child was going to faint, she was so scared to hear who was on the other end. The only thing that didn't work out so great was my daughter was home sick--yup, she ended up calling in the middle of the sharing time. It turned out pretty funny. Thanks again.