Friday, August 21, 2009

Program Review Activity #9--Concept Challenge

I want to make sure the kids remember the whole purpose to our program by reviewing the meanings of our songs. I believe if the song is sung with the concept understood...we'll have a successful program.


Chalk to write the Titles of the program songs on the board.

8 Concept Questions on 3X5 cards --one for each program song (You might have to make two sets -Jr and Sr.)

Questions Examples:

1. My friend asks me if I think we lived before we came to earth and what our purpose is here. (Name the song that could BEST answer your friends question. 'I lived in Heaven')

2. My Mom asks me what I know about the Baptism of Jesus Christ. (Name the song that could BEST answer your mom's question. 'Baptism')

3. My Friend wants to know why I like my church so much and why I put my faith in God. (Name one of our program songs that could help answer his question. 'How firm a Foundation')


Explain to the children that our program songs have taught us some very important concepts of the Gospel that can help them be better family members and missionaries. Tell them you will ask each class a question. Have the children figure out which program song will Best answer the question they have been asked. Go over the words of that part of the song that would answer the question. Sing the song.

Continue through the questions until time is over.


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Scooterdoodah said...

Melanie ~

I just need to say "thanks" so very much to you. I did the Primary Olympics today and had a ball! Your ideas have saved me more than I can ever express.

Thanks for being out there for those of us who need a little help (okay, a LOT) now and then! I'm going to do a School one next week. You are saving my everlasting life!!