Thursday, August 13, 2009

Program Review Activity #6-- 8 Questions

This is a pretty simple and easy game for quick reviewing. I'll use it for a normal 20 min singing time in September.



8 Pictures that coincide with the program songs (you could just use one picture from your past picture prompts.)


Jr: Call up a child. Have them face the primary. Tell them that you are going to put up a picture that goes along with one of the program songs behind them where they cannot see it but the rest of the primary can. The rest of the primary is going to give you clues to what the picture is. You have 8 guesses. Have the children raise their hands if they want to give a clue. When the child guessed correctly what the picture is, help them figure out what song it goes to, and then sing that song. If they don't guess correctly, just pull the picture down and let them see it.

Sr: Call up a child. Explain that you will write a phrase on the board that they will not see, but the rest of the primary will. Tell them that they have 8 guesses to try and get the correct answer. The primary kids cannot say any of the words in the phrase to describe what it is. If they get it in 8 guesses or less, sing the song. If they do not, have the pianist play the notes to that part of the song and give them one last guess. Then sing the song. Remember to have the children raise their hands in order to give a clue (no one should be shouting anything)

*the crazy chorister

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Shanna said...

I used this idea but changed it to the game of catch phrase. 2 kids come up. One gets a buzzer, one picks the song. Then they have to give clues without getting buzzed.