Sunday, August 2, 2009

Program Review Activity #3--Sundae Sunday

All year my primary kids have been working towards a goal. For every song they memorized word perfect, I have added an ice cream scope to a cone (see post entitled "motivation for the new year" under other in the label section) We are on the last song, and when that it finished they have earned an ice cream party around the time of the primary program.

So, to celebrate the conclusion of our goal and to have some fun, I came up with a way that we can polish up the songs a bit, and keep the motivation and fun going. I will use this for the 5th Sunday of Aug, and I have permission to have the entire time so this will include all of the program songs.


8 Ice cream scoop cut outs on white paper with a different program song listed on the back.

1 bowl cut out (rather large to hold the scoops of ice cream)

8-12 different cutouts of ice cream toppings (sprinkles, peanuts, whip cream, bananas, chocolate sauce, hot fudge, strawberry topping, cherries, crushed candy bar, carmel, m&ms...etc)...have a different way to sing the song on the back of each topping.

1 marker

A box of crayons

Mount all the ice cream scoops, toppings, and bowl on the board randomly.


Congratulate the children on making their goal Tell them to prepare for the program and their ice cream party they need to make some choices. You will choose reverent children that sing their best to come forward and pick out an ice cream scoop and a topping to put in the bowl. When they choose the flavor they want that ice cream scoop to be, have them take a moment to quickly color it to look like the ice cream flavor they want. Sing the song how the back of the ice cream topping suggests. Don't be afraid to take some time with the songs and point out spots that really need attention. When you have gone through all eight songs, tell the children that they have just picked out the ice cream and toppings that will be at their party.

If you haven't used this as a motivator all year you could just tell them that its a fun game to review the program songs. They have to see just how yummy they can make their Sundae.

*idea by the crazy chorister

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