Friday, August 21, 2009

After the program celebration Idea #2-- Stump the Chorister

My primary kids love to see me be silly and mess up. I do it all the time with songs just to see if they are paying attention. That's kind of where this idea stemmed from.


Several funny dress-ups (ties, hats, shawls, wigs, glasses...etc)

3-4 children's Hymn books


Congratulate the children on a fine program. Explain that in order to celebrate you get to play a game called "Stump the Chorister". Pass out the children's Hymn books to a few of the teachers. Tell them to have their class look through the Hymn book and come up with a question about a song. (Rules: No questions on page numbers, no obscure hymns that they themselves don't know the words to, no questions such as "what is the 5th word in this song"...etc)

Have a one child come up from each class (in turn) and ask you their question. Explain that if you get the question right, you get to pick a dress-up that their teacher has to wear. If you get it wrong, they get to pick a dress-up that you have to wear. Have fun with it. Most likely you'll end up looking really funny...but that's the whole point. The sillier you end up looking, the more reward the kids end up getting.

Sing the song that the question was about, and then call up the next child. Continue until time is up.



Amy Coontz said...

my sr primary will EAT THIS UP!!

Melvin and Carly said...

This sounds fun. I can be a little slow though...can you give me an example of what might be an acceptable question? (My primary kids would totally try to do the "5th word" thing.)

Melanie said...

Hi Carly (or Melivn),

An example of an acceptable question would be..."part of this song says, 'the wooden wheels creek as they go along'."

Really, don't worry too much if you get every question wrong. The point is for the kids to have fun and sing songs they haven't sung or just want to sing. If a question is too silly, just laugh and hold up a little sign you've made that says..."try again." The kids will get it and really want to see if they can stump you on a legit question.

good luck and have fun.


Lyndy said...

I did this today and the kids LOVED it! Thanks for a great idea. It was a wonderful way to thank them for working so hard on the program.

Rachel said...