Friday, August 21, 2009

After the program celebration Idea #1-- Play it again

I like to have a really fun activity to celebrate the success of our program. Our program is set for the end of October, but I know a few of you have it coming up in September. I have a few ideas this year, and haven't choose between them you get to read my ramblings as I figure it all out.

This first idea is really pretty simple. Two weeks before your program, hand out a paper to all your teachers with three to four activities that you've done throughout the year that the children really enjoyed. Have the teachers quickly take a vote in their class. Collect the papers from your teachers the following Sunday, and choose the activity based on the majority vote. If there is an obvious tie between two activities...try and combine them.

Instead of singing the program songs...have the children pick their favorite songs to sing during the activity.


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