Monday, June 22, 2009

Test Week- Always Smile at a Crocodile

Howdy Folks! I am always amazed at how quickly time goes by ..and we're to another Test week already. Here's the plan to see how well they know this month's song.


Crocodile Game (straws or sticks if you don't have one)

I have this simple little game that we bought for my kids last Christmas. It is just this little crocodile that you lift its mouth open and push down the teeth. When you get to the tooth that it is set on, it shuts the mouth quickly (no pain involved). It rotates so you never really know what tooth it is set on. My kiddos love it, and I thought it would be something really fun to take to primary. If you don't have one or can't find one, I am sure you could use sticks or straws and make one shorter than the rest and have the child that gets the short straw be the could call it "the short end of the stick"...or something like that.

Anyhow, here's how you play...


Tell the children that you brought your pet Crocodile to church today. He is shy, and you were hoping that they could make him feel welcome today by smiling and singing their best. You could even have them give him a name if you want.

Anyhow, tell them that he has come to test them on their knowledge of this month's song. Explain that you will go up and down the isle with him as they are singing this month's song, all the while having a few kids push a tooth down. When his mouth closes, the person who pushed that tooth will then have to say the next line of the song. If they get it right, Mr. Crocodile will open his mouth again. (Jr. Primary can use their classmates or teachers for help). I will make it clear that Brother Crocodile won't open his mouth for people who are not singing or being reverent. Do this twice all the way through the song and then tell them they pass it off (if they sung it well both times).

For Sr. Primary, I plan on making the last round a speed round. They have to push the teeth fast and we'll stop several times throughout the song.

For Jr. Primary, we'll do this at an even pace for two rounds with that song just to make sure they know it, and then we'll continue this activity only allowing the child who chooses the tooth that closes the mouth to pick their favorite primary song.

Have a great week!


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