Monday, June 8, 2009

Repeat Week- Hide and Seek the Lord Early

I had so much fun yesterday introducing June's song to the Primary kids. It went over really well. Here is next Sunday's plan for repeat week. Remember, repeat week's purpose is to sing the song as many times as possible while still having fun.


8 3x5 cards with clues written on them (Hide these cards around the primary room before the children get in there.) I suggest not to put them in envelopes because some kids have a difficult time opening them. Help the younger kids read the card.

Each card will contain a clue to where the next card is hidden in the room. It will also have a way to sing for that turn such as....sing Acapella, Staccato, whisper sing, turn around and get someone from the hallway to wave at us by singing with gusto, sing the first two lines of the song, fast, slow....etc.


Tell the children that for repeat week you hid a very important gift and we are going to play Hide and Seek to find it. Tell them you have hidden clues all around the room and in order to find the next clue we have to sing how the card suggests. Go through the activity finding the hidden cards and singing the song. The last card will lead us to a picture of the Savior. Congratulate them on "Finding" the gift.

Simple and effective. Have a great week.



Judd Family said...

You are the best, thanks!!!!

Bobs said...

You made my life simpler! Thanks!

galbraiths said...

very cute simple idea thanks!!

Carrie said...

Can I just say thank you so much for keeping this blog. I'm really struggling with this calling, and you are such a huge huge help to me. Seriously, thank you so so much.

Emma said...

I'm right there with Carrie - thank you for sharing your ideas. I don't know how uncreative people like myself ever did this calling before the world of blogging. I appreciate your ideas, truly.

Dixie said...

Just found your blog. You have renewed my excitement for my calling! No more last minute plans! Thank you so much.

Jessie and kids said...

Some other fun ways to sing included: relief society style,(wriggle your finger up and down on your throat while you sing. It makes your voice sound rather old.) Elder's quorum style(deep voices please) Opera style, nursery style, cowboy style, and barnyard chorus (everyone picks the animal they want to be and sings the melody in the animal sound) These get a little raucus, but the kids LOVE them!

Rachel said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you for being willing to share your ideas each week... I am a Stake Primary Music Leader and I love to share your games & preparations with all 10 ward choristers in my stake. SO many choristers (and primary children!) benefit from your efforts. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Christi said...

You are one amazing woman! Thank you for sharing with all of us non-creative types who need so much extra help with our callings!