Sunday, June 14, 2009

Program Review Week--Flies in the Primary Room, Shoo Fly Shoo

This coming week is Father's Day. We'll be singing in Sacrament meeting, and sadly I won't be there to hear those cute kids sing...but, I know they'll do great. I also won't be there for Primary and so I have a sweet sister who was so kind to take my place...Thank You Sister Worth!

So, on to this week. My sister is a middle school English teacher (a great one at that), and gave me a cute idea for a review game that she plays with her kids before tests. I choose to use flies as my theme because I live way out in the country with cows and horses and yep,...flies. This time of year is especially bad for that so I think everyone will relate in my primary. But, if you live in the East you could use fireflies and attach a picture of a Mason Jar to your fly swatter and call it "catching fireflies" or you could do pictures of butterflies and use the little dollar store creative and have fun with it. Here is my version.


2 new (unused) fly swatters. (I got these at the dollar store. They have some really cute and colorful ones to choose from.

6 pictures of flies or bugs with the songs for the program on them. ( I simply looked up Free Fly Clip art on the web and found the picture I wanted)

Tape or magnets to hang them on the chalk board (I am going to use tape, I think it will hold better for this game)

Clues for Sr. Primary

Picture prompts for each song (if necessary)


JR: Tell the kids that some flies have come to primary today and you need help getting rid of them. The only way they will fly away is if we swat them and then sing them out. Have a child come and take a swatter and swat whatever song they would like. Then sing that song creatively or normally. Don't bother with clues because most of the kids can't read anyway. They will just like the fact they can slap the silly fly.

SR: Tell the kids that some flies have come to primary today and you need help getting rid of them. Give two children each a fly swatter. Tell them these are tricky flies and so they really need to listen and move fast. Give them a clue that they can quickly figure out such as "this fly has landed on the song that talks about where we lived before we came to Earth." Then, the children will race to see who can slap the correct fly first. This is NOT suppose to be a competition, just some don't keep score or put people up against each other like that. Sing the song that is correct.

You should be able to do all 6 songs within your 20 min time frame, but if for some reason you don't get to all of worries. Have a great week.

PS Dad, I love you. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I am grateful for you. Happy Father's Day.

PPS Honey, you're the greatest. I love you. Thanks for being my bestfriend. Our kiddos are so lucky to have you be their daddy. Happy Father's Day!


Emmie said...

Where did you get your picture of the fly? I looked at a bunch of websites and couldn't find one as good. Thanks.

Melanie said...

Emmie...I tell you what...I'll send you the picture if you give me your email because I can't remember where I got it either.

Emmie said... - Thanks so much! I'm running out of ideas here. I also have another question. I am really struggling to teach them the 2nd and 3rd verses of "I Lived in Heaven". Last week they all just looked at me with blank stares as we sang them - they were bored to death! Any ideas? Thanks again.

Heather said...

I did this today and it went great! Thanks for the idea! I just used one fly swatter though, and let the child who "swatted" the fly then lead the music with the swatter.