Friday, June 26, 2009

New Song Sunday- Jesus Once Was A Little Child

If you're wondering where my post for this week's activity is..scroll down a bit to previous posts.

I decided to post this today since my upcoming week is very busy. I am so excited that we were able to choose this month's song. Jesus Once was a Little Child fits well with the monthly theme and it was a childhood favorite of mine. Here's the plan to introduce it on Fast Sunday....


3 baby pictures of different primary teachers (Have them also provide you with a picture of when they served a mission or got married in the temple)

1 picture of Jesus as a child--there are several beautiful depictions in the GAK

1 picture of Jesus teaching, healing...etc. Again, there are many to choose from.

Picture Prompts

You may want to scan the pictures into your computer and use the projector to show them to the primary, or you can do it the old fashioned way and hold them up for all to see.


Tell the children that we get to learn another new song. Have the pianist play through the song softly as you get out your primary "Photo Album". Have the teachers sing with you to the children the first verse of the song.

Next, as the pianist softly continues to play the melody, show the children the different pictures of the teachers as babies or children. Have the children guess who is in the picture. Have one of the pictures in the set be a picture of Jesus as a child. (Do not waste a lot of time on this, it should really take only about 3 min or less)

Now, show the pictures of the primary teachers on their mission or being married. Again, have the children guess who it is. Have one of those pictures be of the Savior teaching or healing. (Again, don't loose time by saying too much about the pictures...)

Tell the children that their primary teachers were once children and now are grown up and have gone on missions or been married. Tell them that someday, they will be all grown up and do the same things. And, just as Jesus Christ was a child just like them, someday we can all be like Him if we live the Gospel. We all have divine potential.

Get out your picture prompts and begin by singing the first line to the children. Have them repeat the line. Ask them to next try and listen for three qualities that Jesus had as a child (pure, meek, mild). After they answer the question, have them sing the line. Ask them to listen for a word that repeats itself three times at the end of the song. When they give the answer (try, try, try)..explain that in order to be like Him we need to always do our best and keep going forward even when we make mistakes. Sing the First verse through once or twice. If you have time, continue on with the second verse and point out the important qualities and similarities that Jesus has and that they have.

Hope this helps some of you...


Shauni said...

Thanks for this post! This is the song I will also be teaching for July, and this is a perfect idea!

soggycheerios said...

Just wanted to Thank You for all of your work. Sometimes I feel guilty that you do all the work and I enjoy the rewards of you work. Thank you so much for this service that you provide for the musically challenged such as myself.
Connie O'Barr

paula Vandruff said...

Thank you so much for the ideas on how to teach this song. I am going to do everything you suggested. You are Amazing and you are greatly appreciated. Paula Vandruff