Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clues for Hide and Seek the Lord Early

I am sorry this is late for some of you. I have had company this week and barley was able to write out my clues. They are pretty universal to every one's primary room, so I hope they can help some of you. Make the needed changes to have them fit better to your primary room and teachers.

Clue #1--sing soft/loud
As we enter Primary
she plays soft songs so dear.
She helps us sit so reverently
we feel the spirit near.


Clue #2--sing staccato
I have two hands and a face
I move round and round,
but go no place


Clue#3--Boys/Girls sing
It is hard to hear in the back
without this neat device.
It magnifies the sound we hear
so we need not say it twice.


Clue#4--Turn around and sing to the hallway to get a wave
Our primary would be very dark
if it were not for these.
They let us see the world outside
and feel the gentle breeze.


Clue #5--Have them Hum every time they would have sung the word "Seek"
Set up just for primary,
a place to sit and hear
our talks and songs and lessons
of Jesus Christ so dear.

Clue #6--Ooh, Aah, hum...the entire song
Her smile is quite radiant.
She serves with all her might
to teach her class the gospel truths
and help them choose the right.

(Girl teacher)
Clue # 7--Follow the leader
He’s really tall, about 6'4".
He speaks a different tongue
he learned while on his mission
ask him to speak it some.

(Boy Teacher)

Clue #8--Sing as if we are preforming the primary program
You’ve sung your best and past the test
You’ve memorized this song.
If you seek you find
now look behind
He’s been there all along.

(Picture of Christ at the back of the Room)



GRaSSE said...

love it!! thank you!

IlvPrimary said...

You're incrediable! Thank you so much for taking time to share your GREAT idea! You really make my calling is much earlier and the children have so much fun to learn the song! :)

Stacy said...

Thank you so much. This is a really great idea.

Alice said...

I have to leave a quick note and thank you for sharing your ideas. You save my bacon more often than not. :) Your ideas get the creative juices flowing so I can add my own spin to them. AWESOME JOB!!