Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review Week--MusicShip Hit and Sing

It has been a crazy month for me. Besides General Conference and Stake Conference, I cannot seem to keep my family well. I hope May is better.

Anyhow, here is my plan for Sunday. We will be reviewing "Beautiful Savior" and our mother's day songs: "Love is Spoken Here" (First verse), "Mother Dear", and "Mother I Love you (Sung to the tune of "Teach me to walk in the Light").

A while back, I saw a suggestion for a review game using the game Battleship. Unfortunately, I could not recall where that was, so here is my version.


1 blue poster board (Create a Grid with numbers on the vertical side and letters on the horizontal side. Put the words "Musicship" at the top. Make sure and include enough spaces so you could fit different size ships on the board. My ships will have 1 hit possible per verse of the song.)

Enough Dots or Music Notes to place in the spaces when a Ship has been Hit.

A smaller version of the board on paper to allow you to know where you have placed the ships.


Tell the children that today they get to play "MusicShip-Hit and Sing". Allow a child to give you a number and letter from the board. If they make a "Hit" have them sing that verse of that song in a fun way (Slow, fast, boys, girls..etc) and place a marker where they made the hit. If they miss, you get to pic the verse and the song that they sing and they get to do it very reverently. When they "sing" (sink) the ship...have them sing the whole song once through to earn a point on the board.

Don't worry if you don't get to all the verses of each song. This will help you to notice the particular verses that perhaps need a bit more work.

I hope you have a great week.


Heather said...

Love this idea.
I just have a few questions...
So each "hit" you have written out what verse and how they are to sing it?
Do you do this just for 1 song or is it for all the program songs?

Melanie said...


Each Hit would represent a specific verse of that song. You could have them pick how they want to sing that verse or you could already have decided that. Use one song for each ship. You absolutely could use this to review the program songs, but I am going to review our song for this month and the mother's day program songs.

Dana and Adam said...

What a clever idea!!

Melinda said...

You mentioned your MOther's day songs were "Mother Dear", and "Mother I Love you (Sung to the tune of "Teach me to walk in the Light")."
How did that work? I tried to sing it and it didn't work out so well.
I'd love to know.
Melinda in Boise, ID