Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter idea/Beautiful Savior

Between having the flu and spring break with the kids, I have really neglected to post on the blog lately. But, I'm back and excited to contribute. If you have left me a comment asking for help on a particular song, I am sorry that I haven't gotten back to you. I will try and get to those asap.

With that said, I've changed my mind again. I went back to my original idea to teach "Beautiful Savior". I know that is the song I am suppose to teach the kids even though we will only have two weeks to do it. So here goes...

This idea is purely the genius of another primary chorister, Tammy. She posted this idea on the Yahoo Primusic site a few days back, and I knew it was a perfect way to convey the message of the song and bring the spirit in for our Easter Primary experience. I have changed a few things because I always do, but it is essentially the same. I am not sure if this is the exact media presentation she used, but I found it was very touching and beautiful.


1 Easter egg
1 picture of Jesus Christ
Laptop and projector (or burn the presentation on cd)
picture prompts
some flower in a vase or another beautiful thing from nature


Tell the children some of the things that you find beautiful. Show them the vase of flowers and tell how its beauty has the power to lift someones spirits. Pass the egg around to various children. Ask them to share what they find to be beautiful. Then tell them that there was One who's sacrifice and life was more beautiful and powerful then all of those mentioned, He made All beautiful things possible. Then show the following presentation:

After, have the children sing the song with you using the picture prompts.

Happy Easter!


Lindsay said...

God bless you. Seriously. I just got called as primary chorister in my ward (this sunday is my first) and I've been nauseous all week about it. The old primary chorister told me about your blog. Now, after reading through several posts, I'm already feeling better. You're amazing!!! THANK YOU for taking time to share your ideas with those of us who are creativity challenged!!!

Danae said...

Thanks for the idea for "Beautiful Savior". I love that video on you tube.

Clint and Sarita said...

This is probably a dumb question but how cacn you show the youtube video? Do you burn it, copy it...?

amy said...

I also have a similiar question to your above comment. I have a laptop, a projector and the video downloaded to my computer, but it doesn't work without the internet connection. What do you have to do to have the video work on your laptop without the internet? I am computer challenged. Thanks you for your woderful ideas!!
My e-mail is Thanks!

Colleen Bigler said...

Same question. I have called the BYU bookstore, but they don't have this video, so our only hope is to copy off of Youtube. Is that possible?

Melanie said...

My husband took care of everything for me, but I know that if you go on Youtube there is a button there that allows you to download the video to your computer and then you could burn it on DVD or show it from there. If you leave your email address I can have my husband give you better instructions

Jenny said...

I did this presentation too and the spirit was so strong!

(by the way, we also played primary peril, and the kids just LOVED it)

Scooterdoodah said...

I need help/instructions on the YouTube thing, too! I LOVE that presentation - and I think our kids are already enjoying this song - I just wanted to use this in the hopes that the kids can experience even more reverence for this song.

Thanks for coaching me through this!! I can't figure it out!