Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Gift of Christmas

Howdy folks,

I substituted for the chorister on Sunday and thought I'd post the idea I used.


1 picture or toy of Jesus in the manger (I used my Fisher Price manger set piece)
1 small box for the toy to go into
8-10 different layers of wrapping paper

Put the picture or Toy of Jesus into the Box, then wrap it in different layers of wrapping paper.


Tell the children that you have a special gift of Christmas you want to share with them.  Tell them that the pianist will start to play a song...as soon as they know the song and start singing it...they will begin to pass the present.  The pianist can play the whole song or stop whenever...but when the music stops the child holding the gift will unwrap one layer of the present.  You continue to do this until you get to Jesus.  Then bare your testimony about Heavenly Father's gift to the world was His Only Begotten Son.

It went really well, and the spirit was present.  Merry Christmas.



Becky said...

I substituted last week, too. It's so nice to be able to do that on an occasional basis, and even better when you get a few days' notice! I also used our "kid friendly" nativity set, passing out a few pieces at a time. After we sang the song, those holding the pieces got to decide if the group sang well enough for the pieces to be placed on the table. Once that was complete, we did a few rounds of "hide and seek" with one of the figures (singing louder as the "seeker" got closer). The kids enjoyed it. I'm sure they would have loved your idea as well.

Hope you and your family are having a very Merry Christmas!

The Francis Family said...

We were choristers at the same time and I LOVED finding ideas here! Thank you so much! I was just asked to substitute (my favorite question ever) and of course was so happy to find you've kept your blog here to peruse---thank you! Merry Christmas!

Alejendro said...

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Skye, Patrick & the Kids said...

Even though you shared this a year ago it is still blessing us choristers who for the life of them can't figure out what to do for singing time. It is Saturday afternoon and I had been thinking and thinking for 2 weeks trying to plan what to do. As soon as I read this post/idea my heart was so full with the spirit and I knew this was the activity to do! Thank You!!