Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 3: Shield of Protection

I hope all of you are having a great week.  This week the primary president and I are combining efforts for singing and sharing time because of the suggestion for week three in the 2012 sharing time outline for January.  It has the person doing sharing time teach a simple concept and then have the children sing a song to support that concept.  It makes sense to combine efforts.

Anyhow, here is the idea I came up with to make it a little more interesting on the singing side of things beyond just having the children sing the song, but it also keeps a reverent atmosphere because all of these songs are reverent songs.


A Large Poster Board cut into the shape of  the CTR Symbol---after making the shield cut it into 6 pieces.   The Front of the shield should be the CTR Symbol when all pieces are combined.  On the back of each piece, write the title to each song listed in the outline for week three.


Have the person doing sharing time explain the first concept.  When they are done, explain to the children that you would like to have them help you build a shield of protection.  Have them choose the title of the song that best fits the concept that was just explained to them.  Then put that corresponding piece up on the chalk board with tape or a magnet to hold it in place.   You can have the child choose a reverent way to sing the song (girls sing, boys sing, teachers sing, acapella, ooh the song, hum the song, sing really quite..etc)

Repeat the process with the other concepts and songs going back and forth between you and the person doing sharing time.  When you are finished, you and the children will have built a CTR shield.  Explain that each concept helps to build a shield of protection for us.  Each good choice we make helps to protect us from Satan and helps us make it back to our Heavenly Father.  Encourage them to always strive to have a strong shield of protection by always choosing the right.

Have a great week!



Steven and Chelsea said...

Thank heavens for this idea!! Thank you!! I have been at a loss allllll month trying to figure out what to do! THANK YOU!!

Kate said...

Thanks so much for doing this blog. I just got this calling and am a little overwhelmed. I'm so grateful for all these ideas!