Monday, October 25, 2010

Primary Program take on used idea

Hey folks! We preformed our primary program yesterday, and it was heavenly. My kids did so well, and many ward members were obviously touched. I am so grateful for all their hard work, and Heavenly Father who truly blessed all of us.

So, I wanted to give these kids a big thank you and also to relax a bit....we've had a few Sundays of intense practicing (not much fun for them). I decided to combine a couple of ideas I've used in the past, and it turned out to be the funniest and funnest reward for them and me.

I'm calling this.....

It's Either You or Me

Okay, so the basic idea is a combination of "Spin the Teacher", "crazy hat day", and "name that tune."


A bunch of dress up items in a bag...(I took hats, gloves, crazy glasses, ugly ties, capes, etc....)

Borrow A swivel chair from the clerks or bishops office

8-10 pieces of paper with Random, fun Primary songs that the children know well (DO NOT USE THE PROGRAM SONGS)


Okay, so explain that you're going to choose a teacher to come sit in the chair up front if their class is reverent. Have the pieces of paper with the song titles on them face down on the floor all around the a clock.

Have a teacher come up front and sit down. Have them lift their feet slightly. Have the pianist play some music and begin to spin the teacher (slowly). When the music comes to a stop, have the teacher put their feet down. Whatever piece of paper their feet is on, pick it up and show the title of the song to their teacher. Ask the teacher how many notes they think their class needs to get the song. Then you also give a guess to how many notes. If the teacher says, "5" and you say "6"...have the pianist give them the fewer notes first. If they get it right on the teachers guess...the teacher picks a dress up for you to wear. If miss on their teacher's guess and get your guess then you get to pick a dress up for their teacher to wear. Then sing the song.

This was too much fun for both the kids and teacher and me. I ended up looking like some sort of rodeo clown princess...and several teachers where wearing funny hats etc. They kids were so thrilled.

I will say, this was a more lively activity then most. We kept it under control, but expect a more lively reaction.

Anyhow, it couldn't have been a better day all around. I hope you had or will have a fantastic program.

Now, ...on to getting ready for Christmas!



Sheri N. said...

What do you do if neither of the guesses is correct?

Melanie said...

Then dress up the pianist! :)

mcstark1 said...

I am SOOOOO grateful to you for these fabulous ideas! These 3 are my kids' favorites and to combine them is a stroke of genius :)

Kristin said...

SUCH a fun idea. THANK YOU! Exactly waht I was looking for!

Tifany said...

Soooooo fun!! Thanks for all of your suggestions & helps. They have come in handy plenty of times:)

I just started up my own primary blog. Check it out!

Mom's Place said...

I was just called to Chorister today! Our program is next week. Thank you for such an awesome stress-less activity that I can use for my first day!!!