Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Program Review Idea #2: Pop Quiz

Hey folks. Sorry, I didn't get a chance to post this last week. Life is just busy beyond busy.

I'm not sure where I saw this activity idea, but I really liked the concept. It went over really, really well in my primary and the kids really loved it. Here is what I did...hope it helps someone out there.


16 colorful balloons (8 Jr. pri - 8 Sir pri) one for each program song.

16 small pieces of paper (8 Jr. Pri - Sir pri) with a question or different way to sing the song.

2 pennies (1 jr. - 1 Sr.)

1 large push pin

Insert one paper in each balloon. Inflate. With one of the balloons, insert penny and a slip of paper that says "toss up"


Explain that the program is coming soon and we really need to make sure we know every song a well as we can. To help us do this we're going to have a "Pop Quiz" to help us.

Have one of the boys with short hair come up. Ask him if it would be alright if you used his head for a min. Lightly rub each balloon on his head and attach it to the wall or chalk board. (Just remember that since you have paper in the balloon it is heavier than usual, so this works great on a chalk board where it has the chalk tray to have a bit more support.)

Then call children up one at a time to pop a balloon and proceed to do what the paper suggests. When the balloon with the penny gets popped, tell them it is a "Toss up". Have them call heads or tails...if they get it right they can choose what song to sing or how to sing a program song..or who gets to sing it. If they don't get it, have the pianist play her favorite song and sing that one.

Really, this was such a fun really held their attention, and we got so much accomplished.



Bridges said...

So fun!
Q: What do you do when the balloon with the penny in it gets popped?

Melanie said...


Oops...looks like I was in a hurry today. Thanks so much for pointing out that I skipped that part. I added it into the post.


Bridges said...

Love it! I am so doing this this Sunday. Thanks for another great idea! Going to re-post on my blog.

Kelly said...

I will have to do this at the end of the month

Dana said...

This idea saved me today. Thanks!!

Hollie said...

You have such great ideas and I appreciate your sharing them with all of us. I would like to share an idea with you and feel free to use it or post it. You might already have something like this but it's always fun to have new ideas. So we played Musical Jeporady this week. I made 5 catagories which were M-U-S-I-C. Under each lett I had 3 cards worth different points. I used 100, 200, and 300 point values. I chose 15 songs to use of course using the progaram songs and few other fun ones. On one side of the card I wrote the point value and on the other side I wrote a line from the song. I split the primary into 2 teams (right and left side of the room). One child would come up from their team and pick a card of their choice. They had to try and guess the song and if their side couldn't guess then the other team got a chance to guess. If they were really stumped, I would have the pianist play that part from the song. Whichever team guess it right, got the points. Then I told them that I was looking for children that were singing and participating to pick the next card. They totally ate this game up. I had almost 100% participation. I hope I gave back a tiny portion of what you are sharing with everyone else. Bless yoU!

Layne Bushell said...

OK Melanie! This was soooo fun! I did the Pop Quiz today and had the teachers choose the next child to pop the balloon based on how well they sang. My choir has never sounded so awesome! The best part? Singing Faith (pg 96) Opera Style. It was a Kick! Thanks again for your great ideas!!!

Melanie said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me and others your great activity of Musical Jeporady! It has been a very long time since I have done this one...My idea on the side bar that is similar is called Primary Peril. I am so happy I can be of help to you, and please...feel free to share your ideas here. Everyone has something wonderful to contribute.


Mary Beth said...

I love this idea. I think the kids will have fun with it. Did you end up doing questions about the songs, or types of clues about the songs, or mostly different ways of singing them?

I'm going to add a "Singing Time Report Card" to go with the whole "Pop Quiz" theme.

I'm going to draw a giant report card on the board (or make one on a poster) with things like: Stand Up/Sit Down all together, Watch Chorister for cut offs, Smile, Sing your Best, etc.

Still making it light and fun (don't want them thinking it's too much like school!) We'll practice these things with each song, and I'll give them a "grade" for each category. If they don't do any of them very well, we'll repeat a couple times so I can give them A's in everything. And A+'s for things they do exceptionally well. At the end of primary, they'll all get a sticker or a music stamp on their hand, or something for getting such a great report card.