Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review Activity---Come Follow Me--- Just Follow The Pattern

This activity went SO WELL, and the spirit was there again for this beautiful song. At one point, my pianist stepped out and we sang the song Acapella. It was so beautiful, and I thought it would be a real highlight to the P. Program. You might want to try it.

Here's this review activity


1 piece of paper for each child (Sr.) one piece of paper for each teacher (Jr.)

Dress Pattern

Dress (or anything that has instructions that you created something from)

Picture of Jesus Christ

Learn how to fold a white Sunday shirt out of paper from this website ...


Pass paper out to teachers or children. Hold up the dress pattern (or instructions of whatever you brought). I explained that I enjoy making dresses, but in order to do that I have to use a pattern. I explained in simple terms how I go about making a dress from the pattern. I held up a pattern piece and instructions and and explained that as long as I stuck to the pattern, it came out the way it should in the end. I explained that sometimes I make a mistake when I sew, but if I return to the pattern and go through the long process to undo the mistake and try again...It works. I then showed them the product that I made. I Explained that Jesus Christ set the pattern for happy living and gave us the way to return to our Father in Heaven, and if we follow the pattern we will be happy.

Sing "Come Follow Me". Talk about how this song teaches us to follow the pattern He has set.

Pass out paper to teachers or children. Tell them that we are going to sing a few songs about following Jesus. After each song, show them how to fold another part of the shirt. Do not tell them what the product will be at the end. The songs I used were...

Do As I'm Doing
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (I did this one backwards to see if they could still follow me)
Come Follow Me (I kept throwing this one in every few songs just for review)
Follow the Prophet
I'm Trying to be Like Jesus
Come Follow Me

I spread out the paper folding instruction to six songs. The teachers in Jr Pri did great, and the Sr. Kids did a great job too. I did warn the Sr. Pri in the beginning that this activity required reverence, and if I saw at any point that they couldn't handle things...the paper part would be done. But, I then expressed my confidence in them that all would be well and they could handle things. It went so great.

I then held up the white shirt and asked them if they got it by following the instructions. I told them that I loved to see clean white shirts on Sunday because it told me something about the person wearing told me they wanted to be like Jesus. I then bore my Testimony that Jesus Christ set the Pattern we should follow so we can find peace, happiness, and safety.



Stephanie said...

absolutely love this seniors have Come Follow Me pretty much perfect and I was wondering how to challenge them a little more and maybe put it into perspective.

Primary Female Caregiver said...

I found this post last night about 10 PM and decided to use it. This was a great review, since they were able to learn the song so quickly last week and I didn't want to bore them w/ it this week. The kids loved it, and adults praised me to no end for my creativity - but I was honest and attributed it all to you. So thanks!!! :)

Lindsay said...

I used this activity today and it was a hit in both Jr and Sr. I ended up giving a paper to each of the Jr kids also and while it was a little more chaotic I think it was worth it.

Thanks so very much for sharing your ideas! They make me look good. :)