Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Song Sunday--Come Follow Me

Thank goodness for tender mercies. I would feel completely ungrateful to Heavenly Father if I did not post this idea (even though it is late for most of you). I know he ran my singing time today.

I had planned to follow the suggestion in the 2010 handbook for this song, but then this week went kind of nuts. Last night at 10pm I was exhausted and realized that not only did my printer not have ink to print out flip charts but I didn't have the energy to draw and cut the footprints. I went to bed with a prayer an idea would come.

I woak up this morning knowing what to do (in part). I needed to connect Freedom (the 4th of July) with Christ. The rest of the presentation came during Jr. Primary as I was talking about the words, and I felt a deeper connection with this song than I have ever had. And the really tender of the presidency members had made and put footprints around the primary room for her part of sharing time....and it was just perfect. I realized things in my heart and felt the spirit testify to me how Freedom is found in Christ, Physically and Spiritually if we will only Come, and Follow Him.


Picture of Christ


Before the children come in the room, write the words of the first verse of "Come Follow me" on the chalk board. Underline or circle words or phrases that you identify as needing clarification of meaning.

Ask the children if they know what day it is....(4th of July). Talk about some of the fun things we do on the fourth.....etc

Then draw the American flag on the board. Ask the children what it is. Ask them what what the flag stands for: FREEDOM. Talk about two types of freedom word: Physical Freedom (because we live in a free country established by God) and spiritual freedom (if we choose to follow Jesus Christ we will be Free from sin and can return to Heavenly Father).

Explain that the song we are learning is about obtaining spiritual freedom by following our Savior. Have the children close their eyes. Have the pianist play the song. Ask if anyone recognizes the music. Ask a child that does when we usually sing this song....(sacrament hymn). Explain that the soft, reverent nature of this hymn makes it perfect for the sacrament.

Start with the first line...Say the line and have them say it too you. Sing the line. Keep doing this with every line of the song. Make sure and talk about words such as "Tred" and "Begotten". Take time to talk about the line "For thus Alone can we be one". This is where Heavenly Father opened my eyes today. When we came to this part, I not only understood, but it deeply touched my heart when I noticed that the music's minor key for "for thus alone" resolved to a higher key when talking about us being able "to be one". I pointed this out to the children by explaining that because we are living in a telestial state without Heavenly Father presence we are essentially "alone"...but by following our Savior, he will elevate us back to our Father's presence because we will be one with Him. We sang the song a few times more and I helped them see that true freedom comes through Christ. I hope that makes sense. I think I said it better there, but then and was not my words coming out of my mouth.

I then just had the children walk around the primary room using the footsteps as their guide to make it back to a picture of Christ at the front of the room.

Happy 4th!



stacey said...

What a wonderful experience you had! I was out of town today so I am starting this song next week and I might borrow some of your thoughts as I finish planning things this week. Hugs to you and your family!

Anonymous said...


Susan said...

Unbelievable! I had the SAME experience yesterday. I did have the footprints made, and the kids were placing them one by one on the board as we learned the song. When it came to placing "For thus alone," for whatever reason the child placed the footprint slightly downward. I had the pianist play that part, and noticed the minor key as well as how the footprint was placed. I was inspired to explain to the children that at times we may feel alone, but Christ is always with us...then had them name some ways they could invite the Holy Ghost to comfort them. When the next child placed the words, "Can we be one..." he placed it slightly upwards, without being told to. When all the footprints were up, the path to Jesus was slightly up and down, like our lives can be. I LOVE when the spirit directs my presentation like that!

Chelsea said...

i'm so happy i found your blog! i just got called to be the chorister and am definitely overwhelmed with the importance of my new responsibilities. i look forward to all of your ideas and getting caught up on what you've done already. thanks so much for putting the time and effort into great singing times and sharing them with the rest of us!

Natalie said...

Thank you. This will help me teach this song Sunday.

Heather said...

Perfect, just perfect. I now understand this song better than I ever have before.

Taralee said...

Wow, that was neat to read because that's exactly the path I decided to take. I focused on Freedom and relating it to the 4th of July and also to our freedoms to come to church each week and to worship how and who we want....

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I felt the spirit very strong reading your 3rd paragraph and I know that the Spirit is what led me to do what I did last week.

Taralee said...

Oh and I also challenged all the kids to specifically pray this week asking Heavenly Father to help them to be like Jesus. Help them to Follow Him by being good brothers and sisters to their siblings, maybe help clean up around the house with good attitudes, not complain when it's time for family prayer...

I told them I will be asking them this week if they took my challenge, and how it went :)

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