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June in a nutshell--Intro to Holy Ghost, Father's Day, and Program Review

Hello again. I finally feel up to a bit of blogging. I am not sure it will be perfectly consistent, but I think I've found a better balance at the moment and I've missed serving you. Thank you for your patience and prayers, they have been felt. Thank you also for the loving and sincere comments. I count you among my blessings.

I know the following ideas are rather after-the-fact, but perhaps someone out there could benefit down the road, and I wanted to keep a record of what I have done. Sorry about the length of this post. There are three separate ideas listed.

Introduction Sunday: THE HOLY GHOST


Ear muffs, or ear plugs, or ear protection of some kind
Gift bag
Picture prompts

Before primary, put the ear protection in a gift bag.

Presentation: 20 min

Begin by drawing a few pictures free hand on the board. (I am a terrible free hand don't think you have to do anything fancy here. If you are worried about this ..practice a bit before you get up there. The kids actually liked the fact that I created it on the board in front of them.) After drawing each picture, ask the children to guess what it is. Draw a Fire, a map, a person giving a hug, and a quilt. Then go back and talk about the symbolized meaning of the pictures. For instance, ask them.."What does fire give us?" answer.."warmth and light". "How do you feel when someone hugs you?" answer..."loved, accepted." Write each concept next to the picture. (This should only take three min tops...move through it very quickly) Explain that these concepts can also be used to describe how we feel when were are feeling the spirit's direction and influence in our lives.

Bring out your picture prompts. Tell the them name of the song. Have the pianist play the song very loudly and staccato. Ask the children how that felt. Then have the pianist play the music as written. Point out the difference in the feeling, how the songs gentle rhythm produces a sweet and pleasant sound. Again, relate that to the spirit's still small voice. He is not loud, but requires the listener to pay attention, to block out other sounds, and to make a choice to focus.

Begin with the first line of the song. Sing the line to the children and have them whisper sing it back to you. Continue doing this through the entire verse. Then have the children sing the song with you a few times through.

Grab your bag. Take out the ear protectors. Have a child come to the front. Explain that sometimes we choose not to listen to the spirit. We close our ears to his promptings. Explain to the child that you are going to put the ear protection on their ears, stand behind them, and ask them to do something. Have them put the ear protection on and stand behind them. Whisper to them to raise their hand. They won't hear you and won't respond. Ask the rest of the children if they heard you...they will have. Remove the ear protection from the child and stand behind them again and give the same command in a whisper. They will hear you and raise their hand. Explain that we always need to be listening and not to muffle our ears with the distractions of the world.

Sing the song again. Bare Testimony of the Holy Ghost.


Father's Day---Who's Father is This?


Jr. Primary

Sr. Primary
Easy Button (from staples)

Questions: (use these or write your own)

1. What Father Appeared to Joseph Smith in the Scared Grove?
2. Who is Alma the Younger's Father?
3. Who is the Father of our Ward?
4. Who is Ammon's (the one who was a great missionary and cut off the arms) father?
5. Who is Nephi's Father?
6. Who is the Father of the Joseph sold into Egypt?
7. At least, How many Father's do we all have?
8. Who's words made Enos want to repent?
9. Who is the partiarch of the home?
10. Who loves you more than anything else in the world? (Mother is an acceptable answer here)

Presentation: 20 min

Jr. Primary:

Draw the outline of the head and shoulders of a man. Leave the face and head blank, but draw the outline of a white Sunday shirt. Begin asking the children your questions (you can make them easier or harder....whatever works for you). After the right answer is given, have a child come to the board and draw in eyes, or nose, or mouth, or tie....etc. Sing the child's favorite primary song. Continue until all questions have been asked and you have the primary dad on the board. Tell them how wonderful it was that they helped their dad get ready for church. Encourage them to go and give their dads a big hug and be helpful to him on this special day.

Sr. Primary

Bring a small table to the front. Put the easy button in the middle. Call two children up front. Ask them to put one hand on the table and one hand behind the back. Ask them the question. The first one to hit the easy button answers the question. If it is right, sing that child's favorite primary hymn. If it is wrong, give the other one the chance to answer. Continue to do this until all questions are asked or time runs out.


Program Review---"Fishers of Men"
6 Fish cut outs ( 1 program song and page numbers written on the back of each and a number indicating how many baptisms)
1 boot cut out ( write chorister's pick)
1 soda can cut out (write Pianist pick)
1 Sandwich cut out (write teacher's pick)
(place paper clips on all of these)
1 box decorated in blue poster board to make a simple "lake"
1 "fishing poll" made from dowel, string, and a magnet on the end of the string.
Optional: I dressed up in my husband's fishing vest and hat.
Presentation: 20 min
Set up your lake. Tell the children one of the fun things to do in the Summer Time is fish. Sing the first verse of,"Oh What do you do in the Summertime". Then tell them that when Christ was on the Earth, he taught us that we should be Fishers of Men. Have a brief discussion of the meaning of those words.
Tell them today, we're going fishing. Explain that a child will place their line in the lake and try and catch a fish. The number on the back of the fish represents how many baptisms happen if they sing the song really well. Don't tell them about the other objects in the lake. Have a child come to the front and go fishing. If they catch a fish sing the song listed and hang the fish on the board with a magnet so everyone can see. (I drew a little "fishing line" that we hung the fish on so they could see what they caught). As they are fishing, explain that just like fishing, sharing the Gospel requires patience and diligence.
If they catch:
The Boot: Explain that sharing the Gospel isn't always easy. Sometimes we get "booted" out the door...but we should always keep trying. Sing the indicated song.
The Can: Explain that sometimes our desire to share "fizzles" out, but we CAN do our best. Sing the indicated song.
The Peanut Butter Sandwich: Explain that sometimes baring our testimony can be a "sticky" situation, but not to worry...The Holy Ghost can put the words into our hearts and minds to make it easier for us if we prepare and are willing to share with others.
Bare your testimony of sharing the Gospel and encourage the children to never be afraid to share what they know. Encourage them to become :Fishers of Men" by developing their testimony and sharing it openly.
Hope you have a great week.


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I've missed your ideas! I am glad you are back to blogging. I hope all goes well for you.

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Oh, my! What a blessing for me this Sunday!! I wish you lived near me...I'd bring you dinner!


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Hi Melanie! Welcome back. I found your blog recently as I was in desperate need of help! I don't believe I am musically inclined or creative and so being called to primary chorister was and still is pretty daunting to me. I am so thankful for you and so many others who offer there ideas. It really does feel heaven sent; I am greatful you have a desire to share and help so many other people! I wish you the best in your current situation and I can tell through your blogging, you do know Who to be relying upon :D Take Care and thanks again! Meg

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