Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Song Sunday--Choose the Right Way (Choose Your Own Adventure)

I am weeks behind. My family has been sick for almost three weeks and we missed 2 Sundays. We've really been hit hard with a number of things, but thank goodness for callings that help you concentrate on others instead of focusing on your own problems.

Anyhow, Since May is one of the "Choose your own song" months in our primary guide, I decided to go with "Choose the Right Way". I will be teaching the entire song, but concentrating on the words of the second verse since they go well with the monthly theme.

I loved those "choose your own adventure" books growing up. You know, the books that you got two or three choices of how the story goes and you see in the end what that leads you too...that is what I based this idea from. If you are doing another song, this could be adapted to fit that song.


1 Flip Chart of the Song (Both Verses)

8 Choice papers (explained below)

1 "Choose Your Own Adventure" story (I'm posting mine below or you can write your own)

4 Word Strips that break the second verse into lines

Through the gospel I learn to be prayerful

To have faith, to repent, to obey,

And I know if I live by his teachings, I will truly be happy each day



Before Primary, I will hang my choice papers in groups of 2 around the primary room (A with B...C with D...etc). Hang the word strip of the song line underneath the choice papers, but facing the wall so they can't read it until it is time. On the back of the papers have a picture or words that describe the consequence for that choice. You will be telling the story so you don't have to write it all out for them...only the consequences. Clear as mud?....no worries, you'll get it as you keep reading.

I will begin by having the pianist play the music. We will all hum the melody together. I will talk about how it is a pleasant, happy tune that is uplifting. I'll show them the flip chart for the first verse. We'll repeat sing the song through once. I'm fairly certain the first verse is very familiar to my primary and won't take long to review. If your primary is not familiar with the song at all, go through the first verse a few times emphasising the happiness one feels when making right choices.

After reviewing the first verse, explain that now they know the principal of making right choices and feeling happy, we are going to go on a "choose your own adventure" and see what happens.

Read the first part of your own story or read the following...

The beautiful sunshine was pouring into Tommy's window. His alarm had just gone off telling him to get out of bed. He was very tired and rubbed his eyes. Tommy wanted to remain in bed for just a few more minutes so he turned off his alarm and rolled over. He heard his Father calling his name to come downstairs for Family prayer...

Does Tommy...

A. Get out of Bed and go downstairs for family Prayer.

B. Stay in Bed just a little longer and pretend he's asleep.

Let the children Pick which one they want. It will be alright if they don't pick the obvious good choice...it will be good for them to see what happens. Before you let them see what happens. Sing the first line to the second verse. Have them turn that paper around. Look at the picture and read what happens below.

Choice "A"...

Tommy decides to get out of bed right away and go downstairs. He gets a great big hug from his Father. He is asked to say the family prayer, and as he is praying he feels the spirit and he happier and stronger inside to face his day.

Choice "B"

Tommy is just too tired to get out of bed. He continues to hear his father call him, but ignores it...and tries to fall back asleep. Soon his father comes into his room. "Tommy, you need to get out of bed. It really frustrates me when you don't come down for family prayer. We said it without you because your sister needed to leave early. It looks like you won't be able to stay up later anymore because you simply cannot get out of bed when you are asked too."

Sing the line of the song one more time to emphasize prayer.

Go on with the story....

Later that morning, Tommy is at school. He realizes that his math test is today. His mother has been helping him study, but there were still a few problems he doesn't understand. His teacher passes out the math test. Tommy looks down and the first problem is one of the hard ones he isn't sure about...

Does He...

Choice "C"

Realizes he's done his best to study and says a little prayer for the spirit to help him remember what he knows.

Choice "D"

Gets really nervous and decides to look at his neighbor's paper for the answers to the questions he is unsure about.

Have them choose, then before going on sing the next line to the song....talk briefly about faith, repentance, and obeying in context with the story.

If Choice "C"

Tommy does his very best on the Math test. He has answers come to his mind easily, and he is even able to figure out a few of the most difficult answers. He feels a peace inside knowing he prepared the best he could and left the rest in the trust of Heavenly Father.

If Choice "D"

Tommy gets really nervous and doesn't think he can do it. He looks at his neighbor's paper several times to write down the answers. His teacher notices what he is doing, fails him on his math test, and sends him to the principals office. He apologizes for his behavior to the principal and realizes he has done wrong.

Sing the line again, and emphasis repentance and obedience.

Continue on with the story...

After school, Tommy is walking home with his friends. Mark, the new kid, is walking by himself just behind them. His head is down and he looks lonely. Tommy notices him when one of his friends says that he thinks Mark is a funny looking kid. Everyone laughs. Tommy feels something in his heart.

Does Tommy...

Choice "E"

Tommy laughs along with his friends and ignores the feelings he's having.

Choice "F"

Tommy stops and looks at Mark and listens to the feelings in his heart

Sing the next line to the song. Talk about being like Jesus. Go on...

If Choice "E"

Tommy laughs with his friends and runs ahead tossing a football back and forth and thinking about the new video game his friend invited him to play. He turns around just in time to see Mark look up with tears in his eyes.

If Choice "F"

Tommy stops and turns around. He smiles at Mark and asks him if he would like to come over to his house and play some foot ball in his yard. Mark smiles and says that would be great. Tommy's friends run ahead of them, but Tommy feels great inside and is happy to get to know Mark.

Sing the line again. Sing all the lines up to this point.

Finally....read the final part of the story

Later than night, Tommy was asked about his day. He ...

Choice "G"

tells his mom about his day. He feels really good inside because he made a lot of good choices.

Choice "H"

says he doesn't want to talk about it. He goes up stairs and feels really bad inside. He knows the only way to feel better is to repent and try and make better choices in the future.

Sing the chorus to the song. Sing the entire song twice through. Sum this up by saying that all of us our faced with many choices through the day. Knowing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living it will help us make the better choice..and making the better choice will lead to peace and happiness. We must always choose the right.

I hope that made sense. If you have questions...please ask them. Have a great week.



Ashley said...

Bless you, I love this idea! I am teaching this song too so I may use this. You are so creative and talented. Thank you for sharing, and Happy Mother's Day!

The Children Sing said...

I really love ideas that connect singing time to principles taught in the songs. This is really great. Thank you for the legwork. I hope your family is well by now.

jennycherie said...

Thanks so much for your great ideas! This went over really well!

Matilde Portela said...

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Julie said...

Thank you so much! I know you did this more than a few years ago, but it is perfect for what I'm doing tomorrow and so creative!

Bruce Morton said...

This is wonderful! I just wish there was a link to quickly print out the choice papers and the pictures that go with them. I'm having a hard time picking out pictures that would go with each choice.