Monday, March 8, 2010

Follow the Prophet continued---Noah & Joseph Smith

Hello everyone! I am very happy to report that the Time Machine worked... Adam and Eve came to our Primary room and it was a total success. Thank you so much Brother and Sister Fuller!

So, this coming week I've decided to have Noah and Joseph Smith come through our time machine. I've asked an older couple in the ward to play the part of Noah and "Mrs." Noah. I've asked one of our teachers to play the part of Young Joseph Smith.


4 picture prompts (one for each line) that Noah can bring with him (these could be mounted on animal cut outs, raindrops, pieces of the ark....etc)

4 picture prompts that Joseph Smith can bring with him (could be mounted on golden plates)

Bring your time machine stuff back.


Tell the children that the time machine is back. Set the dial (or whatever your way of doing this is)..have the children power up the time machine by singing the chorus to follow the prophet. Have Noah and wife come out. Have him tell a bit about himself and their situation (I'm having him come to our primary right after they got off the ark on dry land so he can tell the whole story) With your picture the children learn the verse. Wave goodbye to Noah and wife.

Set the dial to Latter-Days...Have Joseph Smith come out. Have him give in his own words the account of the first vision. With the picture prompts that he has brought help the children learn the verse. Than Joseph and send him back through the time machine.

I'm so excited for Sunday! It's been great to hear how you have made your time machines and how it has worked for you. Thanks for all you kind words. Have a wonderful week.



Courtney Price said...

Joseph Smith? I haven't seen him in this song :) Did you notice the new verse 9 in the friend?

Jonathan and Janil said...

Where did you find a verse on Joseph Smith? Email me if you can with where you found it - Thanks and thanks for the idea of the time machine. I used it and it went well. :)

Melanie said...

Jonathan and Janil-

The Joseph Smith verse was in the 2001 June Friend.

Joseph was a Prophet
First one in our day
He saw God and Jesus
When He went to Pray

He prayed with great faith
To know which church was true,
Jesus said to "Join none.
Truth shall come through you."

Ben and Jessica said...

Okay, so what verses should I teach....what ones are you teaching. I need a little more overview of the whole month so I can get an idea of what would be the best for my primary! Help....this job is hard work!

Melanie said...

I am teaching all of the verses--plus the extra Monson, Joseph, and Nephi verses from the friend issues over the years. I have given out a prophet to each primary class. They are primarily responsible to learn that verse for the program and to sing it to the primary when we get to that everyone will hear all the verses, but only certain classes will sing the verses... I am highlighting only certain prophets with the time machine because I just don't have time for everyone.

Does that make sense? Sorry, its been a very long day here.


Sha said...

Thanks so much for your ideas. I visit this blog every week! Our little Spanish branch kids haven't really ever had a fun singing time and because of all of your inspired ideas, they are learning the songs so much easier now that they enjoy music time.

Philadelphia, PA

Anna said...

This is a great blog, and I'm so glad to have found it! Can you tell me the Nephi verse you mentioned too, or at least where to find it? Thanks for keeping this up!

Courtney Price said...

Oh wow! I didn't know there were more! The thing in this month's friend doesn't have them... hmmm...

Melanie said...


Go to the primary singing time ideas link on the side bar here and she has all the extra verses listed. I would write it for you here, but life is crazy at the moment. Have a great day.


The Watsons said...

Okay I have not looked at your site in awhile. I love the Joseph Smith verse. I had never heard it. I also had not heard the Nephi verse. Where can I find that? I hope my Primary is up for a few new verses I really like these and I want to change. I did not do the time machine, this month I am gone for a couple of Sundays. P.S. have you seen the disco dance someone posted on SugarDoodle? Very cute. It even got my 11 year old boys singing. Thanks for all of your ideas you are great.

Shannon, Gilbert, AZ

ckm said...

From the June 2001 Friend

Nephi was a prophet,
Tried to get the plates.
He dressed up as Laban
By the city gates.
With his brothers waiting,
Nephi went inside.
He knew God would help him
And with him abide.
Glenn Kidder

The Watsons said...

I forgot to come back and say thank you Glenn for posting the Nephi verse.

Shannon, Gilbert,AZ