Sunday, March 14, 2010

Follow the Prophet Conclusion--Nephi and Thomas S. Monson

Noah and Joseph were fantastic! Thanks so much to my last min subs...sickness has hit our ward big time.

So to finish this up, this coming week Nephi will come. He is going to bring the "sword of Laban" with him. I'll have his verse line by line on the board, and he'll help the children point to the right line with his sword one at a time.

Then...Our Bishop's last name is Monson. I've asked him to come out of the time machine and tell the children that Pres. Monson is really busy getting everything ready for conference. Then our Bishop will tell the children some fun facts about Pres. Monson, and give his testimony of listening to the living prophet, and we'll learn his verse. Then, We'll sing the verses that we've learned to the bishop. He's requested that we play a game we used a few years back called "cut the bishop's tie"....I think you can find it if you go to Sept 2008 on the side bar....anyhow, for each verse the children get right, we'll cut a part of his tie off (old ties I bring.)

Wow, this month flew by! April is going to be really quick too....we have general conference and then we have our Stake Conference...which leaves only two weeks for April's song. I'll try and post my introduction for April soon.

Have a great day!



Tasha said...

I'm just wondering where you are getting verses for Joseph Smith, Nephi and Pres. Monson. The only verses I see are for all the Old Testament Prophets.

Melanie said...


The Pres. Monson verse is in the March friend. The others are found in the 2001 June friend. If you would like the verses go to my link on the side Primary Singing Ideas....she has them all listed.

Have a nice day.