Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter and the next few weeks....

Our primary president will be doing a special presentation on Easter this coming Sunday. I am simply in charge of leading the children through some Easter Hymns. I am excited for what she has planned. I know our primary will feel the spirit and feel the Love their Savior has for them.

Consequently, I will not be posting new ideas for the next few weeks. Of course, next week is conference and the week after that we have our Stake conference.....which leaves only two weeks in April for I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ. It's a great song that I'm looking forward to teaching, and I will be posting my ideas when that time gets closer.

Anyhow, have a great Easter and enjoy conference!



Anonymous said...
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Genelle Powell said...

Where are you? Did you get released? I am a brand new chorister and have been getting ideas from your blog! It has helped tremendously!!

Melanie said...

I'm still here. Just super busy. Sorry, I'll get back to this again soon.