Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hear what they say to you....

Merry Christmas! This activity is meant to help bring in the Christmas season by reminding all our precious primary children that their Savior lives and loves them, and that Christmas is just as alive today as it was over 2000 years ago....we just have to open our ears and hearts to hear its message.


(Please do not feel like you need to buy things for these costumes...just use what you have at doesn't have to be "authentic" looking)

1 Samuel the Laminate outfit
1 Card board box painted to look like a wall
1 Joseph outfit with a block of wood and a fake wood workers tool (out of cardboard)
1 Mary outfit and a rocking chair
3 Shepherd outfits (bathrobes and a head band) with staffs
3 Angle outfits (Simply some scarves will do)
1 large star
A set of bells

Place all of the outfits around the primary room with numbers above the spot (#1-#5) Have 1 bell at each spot. Sing Christmas Bells (pg 54). Ring a bell at the beginning and end of every sentence of the song while the children are singing. Ask the children what the Christmas bell said to them in the song. Tell them that the Christmas bell is going to help us learn a little more about the Christmas story. Tell them that when they hear your bell, they should be as reverent as possible so you can pick someone to help you.

1. Ring the bell. Choose a reverent boy to go to spot #1. Help him quickly dress like Samuel. Have him stand on the "wall". Ask the children if they know why Samuel the Laminite is a part of the Christmas story. Sing "Samuel foretells of Baby Jesus" pg. 36 Have the child bring the bell to the front of the room. Have him ring the bell so the children get reverent. Have him place the bell next to your bell and sit down.

2. Pick another boy to to find spot #2. Help him dress as Joseph and have him hold his wood and tool so everyone can see. Tell them that Joseph provided for his family by creating beautiful and useful things out of wood. Tell them there is a song about Joseph's role as the provider and protector of the Christ Child. Sing "When Joseph Went to Bethlehem" pg 38 Have him ring his bell and place it next to the other bells.

3. Pick a Girl to find #3. Help her dress as Mary. Tell them of the love Mary had for Jesus. Sing "Once within a lowly stable" pg. 41 vs 1. Have her ring her bell and place it next to the others.

4. Choose 3 children (boys or girls) to be shepherds. As they get dressed, tell of how blessed they were to hear from angles of the Christ Child's birth. Sing "There was Starlight on the Hillside" pg 40 second vs only. Have one of them ring their bell

5. Choose 3 children (boys or girls) to be angels. As they get dressed, tell how amazing a choir of Heavenly Hosts must a have been to behold. That the announcement of the royal birth came with music and Heavenly praise. Have one child hold the star. Sing "Stars were Gleaming" vs 1.
Have one child ring their bell and place it with the others.

Have 5 children come to the front (five who haven't yet participated). Sing "Christmas Bells" again, but this time have all five bells join. After you have sung the song, explain that each part of the Christmas story is special and can fill our hearts with joy. Tell them that each time they hear a bell this season to think of the little babe in Bethlehem who was born so they might have eternal joy.

(If your primary, like my primary, is not familiar with all these might want to make a poster with the words on it so they can sing along the best they can. Don't worry if they don't know all the words....the spirit will teach the message anyway..and its a great way to introduce the music too them. You could also provide a copy of the songs to your teachers so they will sing with you and help the children.)

*the crazy chorister


Modd said...

I really needed some help this week and you were just the ticket. Thank you.

Mike and Em said...

Oh my goodness. I just found your blog and this is just what I was looking for. THANK YOU!

Melissa said...

Mel, as you know, I'm not in Primary, but I enjoy reading your ideas anyways. I'm proud to be your sister.

Jackie Chan said...

I just got called as the primary chorister after sitting at the piano on and off for five years. I am excited to put some energy into primary. I love your blog. I've looked through all your pages and copied the ideas that I think will work for our primary (just in case you mysteriously disappeared off of the internet). You could market this stuff and make a good living. Anyway, I've had fun going through it. We used your idea in sharing time this week (all 40 min) and it was awesome. Thanks again.

Sarah said...

I am desperately hoping you are going to post an idea to introduce the new song for January, I Know that my Savior Loves Me. If not, do you have any suggestions? I am struggling with this one! Thanks