Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monkey See Monkey Do

This activity will actually be for the 3rd week of November. I've been relieved of duties for this coming week because of a special activity the presidency is doing with the kids. The theme for week 3 is "I can be a good example to my family".


7 monkey faces that have a song listed with a different way to sing the song on the back of the faces. You should hang these (or mildly hide them) around the primary room.

On the chalk board write the words: "I can be a good example in my home by..."


Sing the 4Th verse to "The Family is of God" to the children. Have them listen for the word that you leave out. Leave out the word "Example". After singing, ask them what word you left out. Have quick discussion of what the word "Example" means.

Explain that even when they are not aware of it, they are an example to others. Explain that the strongest example for good or bad will be felt in their own homes. Tell them, that for many of them, they are the example to their younger brothers and sisters. Younger siblings often learn by coping behavior. If they see older brother smile, they try smiling. If they hear someone say a bad word, they try and say the bad word. Explain that monkeys often mimic each others behavior..and that there is an old saying, "Monkey see, Monkey do". Little kids often want to be just like their older siblings and try and do everything they do regardless if it is right or wrong. So, If they show a good example they will be able to strengthen their families with their righteous example.

Tell the children that there are some monkeys hiding in our primary room today watching them. The monkeys have some ideas on how they can be good examples in their families. Pick a child to go and find a monkey. Sing and do the corresponding activity. Have the children pick a word from the song that describes what they could do in their homes to be a good example and write that word on the board.

I can be a good example to my family by...

1. (smile) If you chance to meet a frown (Have a child hold smile/frown sign)

2. (cleaning up messes) Do as I'm doing (Have a child pretend to be picking things up off the floor and have the primary mimic the behavior)

3. (Reverent attitude) Reverently, Quietly (Have a child hold quite/loud signs)

4. (Prayer) Love is Spoken Here (Have the girls sing/boys sing)

5. (Reading Scriptures) Scripture Power (Have the children sing this staccato)

6. (Obedience to parents) When my mother calls me (Have a child be the chorister)

7. (Following Jesus Christ as Our Example/Showing faith in Him) Baptism (Have the children sing this without music)

End by quickly reviewing the words the children came up with. Show them there are many ways they are examples to their families. Share your testimony on strengthening family and others by righteous examples.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tag Team

In our primary, we decided to take November and December to experiment with combining sharing and singing time as the new program guide for 2010 suggests. I am super excited about the possibilities. For those of you who already do this, I hope to be able to help you out more. For those of you who still will be separate I want to assure you that my monthly method will remain pretty much the same with a few tweaks here and there..and there will still be many ideas to help teach the program songs. I will not be including the sharing time portion (I just don't have time in my life for that). My hope is that the combining of sharing and singing time at least twice a month will help us unit in the lessons we are teaching and actually allow for singing more songs throughout the year than just the program songs.

We do plan on handing out Cds of all the program music to the children for a Christmas present. There will be an attached letter for the families. I know this will help us be able to learn the songs faster and we can focus on the message more then the technical aspects of learning the song.

Okay...enough chit's what's up for this week...

Theme: I am thankful for my families and I can serve them

Opening song: " Where Love is"

First time up (I plan on only taking 4-5 min)

1 poster board with the words to the 4th verse of "A Family is of God" written out with 4 key words missing.

8 word strips (4 of them will be the correct words..others will be silly words.)

Your poster board could read:

I'll Love and ______ my Family, and be
A Good ______ to each Family member
And when I am a Mom or ______, so glad
I'll help my family ________....

Word choices would be: Serve, Example, Dad, Remember, Smile, Dance, Fish, jumprope.


Bring your poster board to the front of the room. Have your word strips visible on the board. Quickly have the children fill in the blanks with the correct words. Sing the song correctly. Express the gratitude you feel when your family works together to serve each other. (note: if a silly word is picked, you can have the kids sing that line to hear the silly word sung once...but then quickly move on..)

Second Time up (10 min)


Learn how to do the simple signs to "Love one Another" on the church web site.,17631,7231-1,00.html.


Display a picture of Jesus Christ. Have the pianist play the music once through while you sing to your primary kids. If that makes you uncomfortable to do it alone, invite the teachers to sing with you. Explain that their are lots of ways to sing and song, and for those who have a difficult time hearing or cannot hear...they sing with their hands. Proceed to teach the children the song in sign. Do not concern yourself if they are not perfect at it right away. Just use your entire 10 min to go through the signs as many times as possible.

Third Time up (5 min or remaining time)


Go through "Love one Another" another time to review what they learned. Have them stand up and combine the spoken words with the signs. Explain that service is the using your hands to help others. You show love for your family when you serve them, and just as they are singing a song with their hands....they can express love through service as well. Share your testimony that they will feel happy in their lives and more peace in their homes if they serve their families. Challenge the children to share "Love one Another" in sign language with their families.

I hope that made sense. When I am not up, the presidency member will have an introduction, a story, and then an activity to also teach this principle to the children. I am so excited to see how this goes.