Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review Activity-Singing Science Experiment

My primary kids learned the song for the month super fast and so I decided to do a review of all the songs for the program. I found an idea for "magic potion" and decided to change it just a bit. The link for the original idea is Scroll down a bit, and you'll find it.


Food Coloring
5 Glasses
5 Spoons
Baking Soda
White Vinegar
Cookie tray with sides
Paper towels
Safety Goggles
5 different colors of paper with one song title on each paper/and direction on the back
5 Magnets or pieces of tape to hang the papers on the board

Fill your five glasses with 1/4 cup water and 1/2 cup vinegar. Place one drop of food coloring on each spoon. Cover food coloring with a heaping spoonful of baking soda. Place cups and spoons on tray because it will make a mess. Have paper towels handy. Make sure and bring extra of all ingredients so you can re set this up for Sr. Primary.

Before singing time display your different colored paper with titles at the front of the room where everyone can clearly see them. Make sure and write a little activity they can do for each of the different songs on the back of the paper. For example, these are the activities I did for each one of the songs...

I lived in Heaven: The child who was called on became the chorister for that song and I sat in their seat.

How Firm a Foundation: I had all the children turn around and face the doors of the primary room and sing as powerful as they could to see if they could get someone to wave at them or give them a thumbs up sign. It worked out really great.

My Eternal Family: I had the children follow my every move through the I waved or put my arms up or flapped my arms...etc

Beautiful Savior: We sang this Acapella

Baptism: I had the children stand on one foot as we sang the song.


I explained to the children that today we were going to do singing science experiments. I had the children sing through the song for the month, "Baptism", and I watched for children that were paying attention, singing out, and doing their best. I then invited a one child at a time to come up and pick a spoon to stir into my "water solution". I put on my safety goggles and brought an extra pair for the child...saying that we should always remember "safety first". The child then would pick a spoon, stir it in, and watch the foam reaction. The kids loved this. As the bubbles settle, the color appears. Whatever color appeared we would sing and do the activity on the piece of colored paper that had that song title.

It worked great. The kids sang out and payed attention. We were easily able to complete this in the 20 min allowed...I even had three min left to review one of our Father's Day presentation songs.

Thanks to the originator of this idea, it was totally crazy...just like I like it.

*originator: Primary Singing Ideas Blog
**Adapted by the crazy chorister


Scooterdoodah said...

Melanie ~

Didn't you do a baseball game/review activity with your kids?? If so, where can I find it on your blog?

Thanks for all your many ideas! You have heped me find the joy in this calling!

Melanie said...


The baseball game review can be found under march 2009 or the label "review activities. Hope that helps. Thank you for your kind remarks.

Heather said...

Oh I played that baseball game with the kids and they LOVED it! We are going to play it off and on throughout the summer. Keeping score between the JR and SR primary - whoever gets the most runs gets cookies from me!

Yes I will have to agree - your wonderful ideas have helped me tremendously! I love what you come up with and so do the kids!

Now what do you have lined up for the new song in June? LOL!

Colleen Bigler said...

The baseball game was the best. My primary president really hammed it up as the umpire and the kids loved it. They sang so well, we had people stopping in the hall to listen and give us the 'thumbs up' sign. It was a blast.