Thursday, March 5, 2009

Singing Land! - review activity

My idea for this game came from playing my four-year-old's favorite game, Candy Land. I decided to create a "Singing Land" version of the game for my Repeat Week activity.

I will create this free hand on the chalk board in the Primary Room so it can be bigger for everyone viewing it; however, you could create your game board on a poster board in advance.


Red, Yellow, and Blue colored chalk to create your playing board, or bring your already made poster board.

1 Spinner (I took the spinner out of my Chutes and Ladders game box. It's perfect for this and even has that happy, Primary look too it.)...or, you could make your own. You could also make one dice cube that has the different colors on it.

10-12 3X5 cards with different, quick repeat activities on them. (clap out beat while singing first verse, whisper sing, sing to the back of the room, do as I'm doing while you sing the third verse, hum the song, cut off when the chorister does...etc)

2 playing pieces. (I plan to create two different colored musical notes that have a magnet on the back of them so they can be easily moved on the chalk board from space to space. One will be for Jr. Primary and one for Sr. Primary)


Okay, so if you're going to create your board with chalk, you'll have to find a way to do this before Primary starts. My board will pretty much look like a candy land board with fewer spaces. The squares to land on will be bigger. After creating your board, tape up a repeat activity every few spaces or so. You can embellish it as much or as little as you would like. On space that you do not have singing activities you could put phrases such as: "You were kind too your sister, move ahead one space", "You helped your mother do work around the house move to the next blue space." (this would help to make it go along with the meaning of our song)...etc.

Simply call a child up, allow them to spin the spinner, have them move their piece to the allotted spaces and do the activity. Where ever you end for Jr. Primary, keep their piece on the board to motivate Sr. Primary.

*note: Remember, the chorister's goal with this game is not to see if the kids can get to the end (that's the kids goal) it is for the children to repeat the words as many times as possible in the allotted time. So, don't get worried if you don't go to the end of the game board.

Have a great week!

*Originator: The Crazy Chorister


Jenni Taysom said...

what a fun idea - I'm always amazed how willingly kids will sing a song again and again and again when their is fun motivation to do so.

PerryParty3 said...

lol, don't you just love how we have "How to teach singing time" permanently on the brain, even when playing games with our kids. :) This is a really cute idea, Thanks!

Liz said...

What a cute idea! I will definitely be making a game board this week and using it next Sunday! Thank you so much!

the wrath of khandrea said...

ah yes. this little nugget is exactly what i was hoping for. every sunday i sit and watch you in amazement, and then i try to email everyone i know who shares your calling, and give them your ideas. this just made my life SO MUCH easier.

WOO HOO!! i'm doing a tribute post to you later on this evening.

Melanie said...

You are too kind. Thank you so much for your support.

Moscow Monson's said...

I'm glad to find your link. I have to tell you Elyse's latest. Yesterday she was demanding to speak after Sister Chatterton, thus we ended up in the foyer. So last night I was telling Mark about it and we asked Elyse what she would say in the mic. in the chapel. "I would sing I'm a Child of God." Oh cute I thought. Then she finished. "And then I would tell them to sing it again with me!" She watches everything you do she loves singing time! Thank You!!

Ilene said...

Andrea told me about you and was emailing me some of your ideas and then directed me to your blog (I just got called as a chorister and am TERRIFIED).

THANK YOU for putting this stuff out there. I am actually looking FORWARD to trying out some of these ideas- which I promise you is no small miracle.

Annemarie said...

Andrea has also been informing me of your great ideas! I was just called and could use a little help. Thankfully I have 2 more weeks before I start, which should give me planty of time to prepare.
Thanks for the fabulous ideas!

Liz said...

Hi again, I jumped right on making this on Sunday afternoon. I decided to make mine on a poster board so I could use it again. I called mine "Sing Your Way Home", and included pictures/clip art that goes along with the song "My Eternal Family", which can be removed or changed for different songs. I also made up some game cards in Word. If you are interested, I can email you a picture and the file. Let me know... ct7brown at comcast dot net

Mindee said...

I was wondering...with each repeat activity will you have them sing the entire song or just bits and pieces at a time?

Melanie said...


It depends on the actual activity. I usually break it up in verses...and sometimes we work on particular lines of the song. My focus on repeat week is to have them sing the song as many times as we can while they are having fun. It's amazing how well they know the song after this week. Most of the time they can do it without picture helps for the rest of the year. It's a powerful tool.

Allison said...

we did this on Sunday and it worked great! Thank you so much for your help.