Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Primary Triple Header- Test Sunday

There are so many things to accomplish on the 5th Sunday of this month, I asked my president if I could have the entire 40 mins of Sharing/Singing time. Since I will be loosing two weeks of teaching time in April for General and Stake Conferences, I have my work cut out for me.

So, on the fifth Sunday we will be testing and passing off My Eternal Family, reviewing our Mother's day Sacrament meeting songs, and hopefully introducing our April song, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam....thus, the idea for the "Triple Header" was born.


1. A picture of a baseball diamond with bases. You could use a poster board to display the picture. You can easily create this with chalk on the board, or you could get really fancy and create separate paper pictures of the bases to put up on the board. I've also seen a cute set of small bases at the dollar store if that is available to you.

2. Four individual pictures of a "Primary Baseball Player" with tape or a magnet on the back for easy removal and reapplying. (I'll leave this one up to you. There are a lot of clipart ideas around that would work just great.)

3 A baseball hat for you and the pianist with the the words TEAM PRIMARY on it. (I plan to just print this out on my computer and tape it to the hat)

4. Large signs with the words Foul Ball, Strike, First Base, Double, Triple, Homerun and Timeout.

5. Baseballs with different ways to sing the song taped on them, or you can use cut out pictures of baseball with the instructions on them (for the test of My Eternal Family only)

6. An Empire Vest and Mask for the Primary President. (If you don't have access to these you can make a simple vest out of black poster board and use a baseball hat with the words Umpire on it)


Come to the front of the primary room with your cap on. Explain that there is an important Baseball "triple Header" today and its going to take a lot of quite concentration. Have the primary Pres. come up front and dress her in her Umpire gear. Have here hold up the different signs and explain what they mean. The first game will be to pass off there song for this month.

Foul Ball: They didn't start all together with the chorister's direction
Strike: Hardly anyone was singing or the words were not clearly being sung
First Base: Good Effort, needing some improvement with picture helps
Double: Great Effort, most everyone singing with picture helps
Triple: Fantastic Effort with picture helps
Homerun: Everyone singing, watching the chorister, words correct, without picture helps
Timeout: Randomly the Umpire will hold up this sign, if everyone goes quiet and reverent quickly, the entire Primary gets an instant homerun!

Since there won't be a whole lot of time for the "Test", I would suggest using 4-5 baseballs of different ways to sing the song to test their knowledge.
  • Staccato 2nd verse
  • Start somewhere in the middle of the song (could be considered the "curve ball")
  • Western Sing
  • Sing the entire song to pass it off

Have a child come and pick a ball. Sing the song how it suggests and turn to the Umpire for a call on the song. Move the player to that point and go on until that game is complete.

For many of you, this is where you will stop. But, just in case...here is what I will proceed to do. I will have Two baseballs that have the mother's days songs on them (We are singing the first verse to 'Love is Spoken Here' and 'Mother I love you first and third verse). I'll have a child come and choose a baseball, and we'll sing it through a few times with picture helps and then once without. Again, I will use the Empire to help us know how we're doing.

And Finally, if I am so blessed to have time work on my side....I'll have a Child come and pick the last "baseball" out of my bag. However, it will not be a baseball this time, it will be a picture of the Savior. I will explain that our New Song for the month is one they might already know. It is called Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. Everyone will obviously know that first verse, but I think most will be surprised to learn it has a second verse. We will sing it a few times through. If they are reverent and attentive through this process I'll inform them that they "WON" the Triple Header!

It's a whole lot for one Sunday....I think I need some Crackerjacks!

*Adapted by the crazy chorister from a baseball game suggestion from sugardoodle.


Melissa said...

This is terrific! I am doing the 5th Sunday too and was stretching to figure out how to fill enough time and cover a variety of things (new songs, review songs, Golden Oldies!)

:) Thanks for the ideas!

Becky said...

This sounds like an absolutely wonderful plan. Have fun with it!

Janine Fredline said...

i am filling in for the chorister bc she is having her baby. i need to teach two new things
1. fifth article of faith song
2. seek the lord early song
do you have any ideas or helps for? i am feeling kinda overwelmed bc i want it to be fun and not boring...hold there attention and leave them excited for the next week. I will probably be covering for a month maybe more...help!!!