Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MISSING TOOLS-second verse of "My Eternal Family"

Usually I have "Repeat Week" the second week of the month; however, this month has five weeks and we didn't even touch the second verse of "My Eternal Family" on Sunday. So, I decided to spend the extra Sunday working on the second verse and I will have "Repeat Week" next Sunday.

I will be posting my "Repeat Week" activity in a few days for those of you who would like to move on to bigger and better things. Or, you could adapt this activity for a repeat activity by attaching different ways to sing the song to the different tools.
With that said, here is my lesson plan for the second verse of "My Eternal Family".


1 Diaper Box wrapped with the word TOOLS on the front.
1 garden kneeling pad
1 comforter (blanket)
1 large paper rolled like blue prints would be. On it you will have the outline of a home and a picture of the scriptures inside. (You could just go the easy way and use a Book of Mormon, ...but what's the fun in that?)
1. Picture of Your family and a Picture of the Temple
Picture helps

Have number tags that are clearly visible on the objects. Place them around the Primary room before children enter.


I am going to come in with my hard hat and my "Tool" box in hand. I am going to tell them that today is so exciting because I brought my tool box that I use to build my home for them to see what's inside, but before we can do that we have to sing the first verse again to remind us what our song is about. After the song has been sung, open your tool box and looked surprised. Say, "Oh no! My tools are missing. I wonder where I left them." Call up a helper to find object #1. Place the Hart Hat on their head while they hunt for the object. Have them come and put it into your box after you talk about what it represents. Hold up your picture helps and say and sing the line two times. Continue this until the entire verse has been sung. Go back and sing the entire song together.

Line one: Garden Kneeling Pad (Represents the need for us to be on our knees to pray for guidance).
Line Two: Comforter (The word Comforter is another name for the spirit. The spirit will guide us as we invite Him to be in our homes)
Line Three: Blue Prints (Represents our Heavenly Father's plan for our lives and the guide the scriptures can be.)
Line Four: Family Picture (We want our families to be together for ever in Heavenly Father's Presence.

When you get to the chorus, just remind them they already know that part and review it with your picture helps.

*Originator: The Crazy Chorister


Tracey and Tom said...

I love your ideas, thanks for sharing them!

Melissa said...

This is terrific. My kids really struggled with verse one so I was looking for a fun way to practice it and present v2. I also love the candyland idea! I needed to find these today! Hooray!

Kristy said...

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to post such wonderful ideas for singing time, you are so creative! I just used this idea last Sunday and I had several children come up to me after and say thanks and that they really like it. I am new to this whole chorister thing, and your blogspot is such a rich source of ideas. Thank you.
Kristy Rasmussen
Enterprise, AL