Friday, February 20, 2009

Punch It! --the new and improved posting


Sorry it took me so long to post this week. Here is my Challenge/test activity that I will do this week so the kids can pass off their song for the month.


1 Heavy Duty poster board (cut 12 holes in the board the size of your containers)
12 small plastic containers (I am using small XS Ziplock plastic containers)
12 Strips of paper with challenges on them
12 small sheets of Tissue paper to cover the containers
Picture helps for the song
1 tape and tape recorder for challenge 12

Cut 12 holes in your heavy duty poster board. Make sure that the hole is big enough so the container can easily fit into it, but small enough where the lip of the container will hold it snugly in place.
Place your challenge papers inside the containers. Here are the challenges that I came up with...
Challenge 1: Sing second verse without picture helps (4pts)
Challenge 2: Sing the line that comes AFTER these words: "Is Laid For Your Faith" (5pts)
Challenge 3: Choose a different song to sing (2pts)
Challenge 4: Sing either the first or last verse without Chorister helping with words (6pts)
Challenge 5: Automatic 10 pts!
Challenge 6: Sing the Line that comes BEFORE these words: "and cause thee to stand". (5pts)
Challenge 7: You have 20 secs to put picture helps in order. (5pts)
Challenge 8: Whisper sing 1st Verse/ Staccato second verse (5pts)
Challenge 9: Teachers have to say the first two words of the last verse (3pts)
Challenge 10: Watch Chorister for cut off, if you cut off correctly (4 pts)
Challenge 11: Stand on one foot while singing either 1st or 2nd verse double time (6pts)
Challenge 12: Have your voices recorded while singing your best. Listen if you got it. (8pts)

Cover each container with tissue paper. I decided to go crazy and cover each one with a different color of paper. I held the tissue to the container by putting a rubber band around each one. Remember to bring extra tissue sheets so you can redue the board for Sr. primary.

Here is a picture of the board I made. (Note-I did add the words "Primary Punch" to the top of the board later on)

Front View

Back View (you can see the challenge paper in the containers)

Okay, so simply explain that you will call upon a child to come and punch one of the holes. Have them remove the paper and read it. It will contain a challenge on it that the kids will participate in . Go until time runs out. You should be able to get through all of them in the 20 min time period.

I hope that makes sense.

*Originator: The Idea Door

**Adapted by The Crazy Chorister


Becky said...

This is really fun. I used sandwich bags taped to the back. FYI teenage boys like to be destructive, even when they've been warned to be gentle - used the punch board in seminary as well. It works much better with little kids!

Goratrain and Ian-ator said...

I also did a punch out type game for end of year review when preparing for the program. I just put the name of each song (and some wiggle songs) in each hole. I used clothes pins hot glued above each hole to hold the papers.

Sally said...

what a good idea I love it... i only wish I would have looked before now. Thanks for all your ideas.

Heidi said...

I love this idea and plan to use it for FHE somehow.

P.S. You are missing the "r" in practically on your profile. : )

lady chorister said...

Hi I'm adding you to my blog I just started about primary singing time. Thanks for the ideas, I hope I can give you some too!

e m i l y said...

I've added you as well! Cute ideas!!