Saturday, January 24, 2009

Master Singing Challenge

I can't believe January has flown by. This week will be the last week for teaching "I lived in Heaven" officially. Here's what I plan to do to test how well the kids know the song.


8 cards with challenges written on them (4 for Jr. Pri and 4 for Sen.)
Seal the cards in envelopes
Hide cards under four of the primary chairs..(make sure you spread them out)
A label for each child that says "I am a Master Primary Singer. Ask me to sing "I lived in Heaven"

In General:

Announce that today is a special day. It's a day to test and see if the Primary kids remember all the words to their song that they have been learning. Tell them you have special Challenges that will help to determine if they are "Singing Masters" for the month.

Tell them that you have hidden these special challenges under some of their chairs. After the envelops have been found, ask the children not to open them until asked. Remind them that only reverent children will be asked to help.

There are four levels to the challenges.


Go through the challenges one by one, asking each child that is holding the corresponding envelope to open it, read it (or have their teacher read it), and then proceed to complete the challenge.

After all challenges have been completed, and you are satisfied that they know the song, announce that they are "Master Singers" for the month. Hand out the labels that you made and encourage them to sing the song to their families.

Jr. Primary:

This is what I have listed on my cards inside the envelops

Beginner Challenge: Sing the song without picture helps OR without the piano playing

Intermediate Challenge: Have the girls sing verse 1. Have the boys sing verse 2. Everyone sings verse 3

Advanced Challenge: Come and put the picture helps in order for one of the verses

Master Challenge: Have Your voices recorded singing the song. The Chorister will play it back. Listen if you've mastered the song.

Senior Primary:

I made this a bit more complicated. I added a point system to help motivate them and keep them focused on the end goal. The points don't mean too much except I'll say they have to have at least 25 points to prove they've mastered the song. I also gave them an A/B option for the challenge.

Beginner Challenge Option #1: Sing verse 1, 2, and 3 without the piano (3pts)
Beginner Challenge Option #2: Singer verse 1, 2, and 3 without picture helps (4pts)

Intermediate Challenge Option #1: Girls sing verses 1, 2 without the chorister (5pts)
Intermediate Challenge Option #2: Boys sing verse 3 with no picture helps (6pts)

Advanced Challenge Option #1: You have 15 secs to put the picture helps in order forall three verses. (7pts)
Advanced Challenge Option #2: Pass the bean bag while you sing the song. Each person has to say one word of the song before they pass it on. (8pts)

Master Challenge: Have you voices recorded singing the song. The chorister will play it back. Listen to see if you've mastered the song.

If you have (10pts)

If not, go back and do one of the challenges you did not do to practice some more.

If the kids are doing really well, I will tell them that I have a final Challenge envelope. I'll ask one of the reverent children to come open it. It will say....

Ultimate Challenge: Go home and sing this song to a member of your family that is not in Primary. Ask them to make sure you got all the words right. Then, have them sign this card (provide some 3X5 cards) and bring it back to the chorister for a reward.

Hope that all made sense! I'm exhausted.

*Originator: The Crazy Chorister


PerryParty3 said...

Wow! That' a great idea! I'll definitely have to try it. Thanks for being so smart and creative! :)

Chelsea said...

This is a great idea. I am using it for How Firm a Foundation. Thank you!!