Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top Ten Primary Hits


I did this just before New Years I gave out surveys to my teachers a few weeks before I planned to do this. I had them ask their primary children what their favorite songs were. I got the lists back and made a top ten requested song chart with it.

Make one list of mildly difficult clues for the songs picked. (example: For the song "I'm trying to be like Jesus" my clue was..."We sang this in June for Sacrament meeting." For the song "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" my clue was "I can be a light for him."


I let the children hear the first 5 notes of the music and try to guess what song it was. If they didn't know, they could ask for someone else to help them. If they got it just from the music they got two points, if they had to have help they got one point. It worked great. I started with number 10 and went to number 1


I made this a bit more complicated. I allowed them to either hear three notes, have a clue, or ask a friend. The fewer options they picked the more points they received (and of course they saw JR. Primary's score and wanted to beat them...) Anyhow, it worked great. The kids really had to pay attention and stay reverent to get it. Some of my clues were hard some were easy...it just depended on what they decided to choose.

It was a fun way to recap the year in music and see what songs the kids enjoyed the most.

*Originator: The Idea Door
**Adapted by The Crazy Chorister

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