Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Primary Program

Well, yesterday was the big day! It went so well. The primary kids sang their little hearts out. I don't believe that anyone could have napped during Sacrament meeting even if they wanted too.

I'm excited to share some fun activities in the next few weeks for helping teach songs the kids don't really have a chance to learn during the year due to the focus on the primary program songs. I plan on making singing time the funnest thing about their week. So, stay tuned.

In other news, I've decided that at out December in service meeting I am going to hand out music packets and Cd's to the teachers of the music for this coming year. I'm going to have some ideas of how they can incorporate more of the PPM into their classroom lessons. Also, the teachers won't have to struggle with the words so much during singing time so I'll have more adult voices to support me when I go to teach the kids the new songs.

Anyhow..I'm starting my new ideas this coming week. I'll post ASAP so you can use some too if you want to.

Don't forget to comment if something works for you or if you have new ideas.

Thanks alot!

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Ketchesons said...

It sounds like you did amazing!!!
I guess that is what you do anyway:-)