Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Walkie Talkies!


* One set of Walkie Talkies
* One pre-determined helper (my husband is my best pre-determined helper)
* Strips of paper

Okay, so I started this out by showing the children my Walkie Talkie. I told them that we were going to go on a treasure hunt, but the clues to our songs would be told to us over the walkie. I told them that for us to hear, they would have to listen really hard and be reverent. I had them give my husband a code name..I think they gave him a name like Billy Bob Joe...and he in turn gave us a code name like munchkins..anyhow..he left the room and the room was total silence ( I love that...it shocks all the teachers that I can quite a room faster by myself then they can all together)...I called to him for our first clue and he gave us a clue that was the total opposite of the song title we would sing. For example..the song was "I love the see the temple" so the clue was "I hate to see the junkyard"...or "If the Savior stood beside me" would be "If Satan sat far away from me." etc.

The kids loved to figure it out..then we would give our answer back to him. He would confirm if it was correct or not. Then we would sing the song. If he thought it was good he would give us our next clue. We did that through all the songs and then we called him back into the room and he brought a picture of the Savior and told the kids that prayer was kind of like these walkies...we could talk to our Heavenly Father and he could help us solve the problems in our lives and bless us. But we had to listen carefully and do our best. It was a really neat music time.

*Originator: The Idea Door
**Adapted by the Crazy Chorister


Becky said...

What a wonderful idea! "Plethora" is Michelle's favorite word, and you definitely have a plethora of ideas here. And good ones too!!

You're so blessed to have that calling. I've done it before, but right now am very content to sit behind the piano.

Last week after each song, our chorister picked two good singers to come to the front and she asked a question and the first to "rattle" their rattle (or ding the buzzer) got to answer. (sample: Name a prophet who prayed- or How many prayers do you say in a day?) Then we went on to the next song. The kids seemed to enjoy it.

And our Primary also loves your "rag" hiding game - although Amy usually uses a toy from her diaper bag.

Have fun!

Dani Souza said...

I loved this idea!! May I translate it to Portuguese and post in my Brazilian blog (which is all about Primary) ?

Hugs from Brazil

The Larsens said...

I did this idea on Sunday. I have to say, it was the best thing I have done since I've had the calling. The kids loved it and were so good the whole time for it. Thanks for the great idea!