Monday, September 15, 2008

The Song Hospital


Here are all the things I had, you can make it simple or more complicated than mine. Just take what works for you.

* White Lab Coat
* Tongue Depressor
* Stethoscope
* Otoscope
* 3X5 cards with the eight song titles on them
* Name tag with your name.."Sister so-in-so, M.D. (musical Director)
* I also was able to obtain some paper doctor and nurses hats for the kids to wear. I wrote Primary Medical Center on them. I wore a Dr's hat and my pianist put on a nurse hat.
* A clip board to make notes on what parts of the songs need more attention.
* Red, blue, and yellow sticker dots

Right before singing time I went out in the hall way and transformed into dr attire. I put the red, blue, and yellow sticker dots all over my arms and hands. I grabbed my clip board and put the cards in my pocket. I also put my name tag on.

When it was time, I came into the primary room dressed in my doctor attire. I told them I was sorry I was late..I was busy with a "Minor Surgery...A sour note extraction." Then I told them they were lucky because today we were at the best hospital in our stake....the song hospital. I told them that our patients were in my pocket and we were going to make each one better for our program. I explained that when I held up the tongue depressor we would open our mouths wider and open our throats so the sound would be better and we would say the words more clearly. When I held up the Otoscope, they were to open their ears and listen for directions and to others singing so they could sing better, when I held up the stethoscope they were to pay attention to the tone of the song and how it made them feel in their hearts. I had a reverent child pick on card out of my pocket and we worked on that song or parts of the song that had trouble. Then I had another child pick one out and so on. I was able to really fix parts of songs we were struggling on and the kids were happy to pay attention and be doctors for the day to fix our program songs. It worked really well.

I forgot to add this....I told the kids that the dots were the "Primary Measles". It was something that super singers caught! I then walked around and gave a dot to those kids that sang really well. (EVERYONE GOT ONE)!

*Originator: The Idea Door
**Heavily adapted by The Crazy Chorister

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Cindy said...

Very very cute. I intend to use this.