Monday, September 8, 2008

Cutting the Bishop's Tie


*Talk to the Bishop
*Two ugly neck ties (you could get them at a thrift store, or finally have an excuse to get rid of that ugly tie your husband has a difficult time throwing away)

Okay, so this threw them all for a loop. I talked with our Bishop before church and cleared things with him first. I brought two very ugly, outdated, old ties to church with me (one for junior, one for senior primary). I had the Bishop put on one of the ties and come into primary for singing time. I started out by telling the children that they had been excellent singers lately and that we just needed to practice a few more times to be ready for our Primary program. I then turned to the Bishop and asked, "Bishop, our primary kids have really been singing well. I was wondering, if they were to sing the very best they have ever sung..would it be okay if we cut your tie?" Our bishop is so cool..he let the gasps die a bit and then he said, "you know, I would be willing to do that IF they sang they're very best."

Well, I was able to go through all eight songs and I have never heard Junior or Senior primary sing that well before! After each song, I would turn to the bishop and he would give a little head nod and then I would have a child come up and I would help them cut a piece of tie off until it was just to the knot. The kids that cut the tie were able to keep a piece of bishop's tie for a souvenir.

It was really funny because even though the ties were so outdated and ugly, some of the teachers really believed it was the bishop's tie and did not look extremely happy with me. But, it turned out great. It's definitely one of those things that's a one time deal. I had their attention from start to finish.

*Originator: The Idea Door
**Adapted: The Crazy Chorister

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my name is becky kelly said...

Our Primary president sent me a link to your blog this week. you have great ideas!
We did this "cut the tie" game today and WOW! I've never heard them sing like that! My husband is the counselor in the bishopric that is over primary, so I asked him to come in with "his favorite tie." We have such a small primary that they each got a turn to cut a bit, then we suggested that they could use the peices they cut as scripture markers. They had SO much fun! Although, our 7 yr old son WOULD NOT sing because he was standing up for his dad! If they were not singing well my husband would start to sit down, and i told them if he was sitting when the song was over, they wouldn't get to cut it. oh man they went crazy when he started to sit! the RS had to close their door because we were so loud!
thank you for this blog! I wish I had found you sooner! :)