Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter and the next few weeks....

Our primary president will be doing a special presentation on Easter this coming Sunday. I am simply in charge of leading the children through some Easter Hymns. I am excited for what she has planned. I know our primary will feel the spirit and feel the Love their Savior has for them.

Consequently, I will not be posting new ideas for the next few weeks. Of course, next week is conference and the week after that we have our Stake conference.....which leaves only two weeks in April for I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ. It's a great song that I'm looking forward to teaching, and I will be posting my ideas when that time gets closer.

Anyhow, have a great Easter and enjoy conference!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Follow the Prophet Conclusion--Nephi and Thomas S. Monson

Noah and Joseph were fantastic! Thanks so much to my last min subs...sickness has hit our ward big time.

So to finish this up, this coming week Nephi will come. He is going to bring the "sword of Laban" with him. I'll have his verse line by line on the board, and he'll help the children point to the right line with his sword one at a time.

Then...Our Bishop's last name is Monson. I've asked him to come out of the time machine and tell the children that Pres. Monson is really busy getting everything ready for conference. Then our Bishop will tell the children some fun facts about Pres. Monson, and give his testimony of listening to the living prophet, and we'll learn his verse. Then, We'll sing the verses that we've learned to the bishop. He's requested that we play a game we used a few years back called "cut the bishop's tie"....I think you can find it if you go to Sept 2008 on the side bar....anyhow, for each verse the children get right, we'll cut a part of his tie off (old ties I bring.)

Wow, this month flew by! April is going to be really quick too....we have general conference and then we have our Stake Conference...which leaves only two weeks for April's song. I'll try and post my introduction for April soon.

Have a great day!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Follow the Prophet continued---Noah & Joseph Smith

Hello everyone! I am very happy to report that the Time Machine worked... Adam and Eve came to our Primary room and it was a total success. Thank you so much Brother and Sister Fuller!

So, this coming week I've decided to have Noah and Joseph Smith come through our time machine. I've asked an older couple in the ward to play the part of Noah and "Mrs." Noah. I've asked one of our teachers to play the part of Young Joseph Smith.


4 picture prompts (one for each line) that Noah can bring with him (these could be mounted on animal cut outs, raindrops, pieces of the ark....etc)

4 picture prompts that Joseph Smith can bring with him (could be mounted on golden plates)

Bring your time machine stuff back.


Tell the children that the time machine is back. Set the dial (or whatever your way of doing this is)..have the children power up the time machine by singing the chorus to follow the prophet. Have Noah and wife come out. Have him tell a bit about himself and their situation (I'm having him come to our primary right after they got off the ark on dry land so he can tell the whole story) With your picture the children learn the verse. Wave goodbye to Noah and wife.

Set the dial to Latter-Days...Have Joseph Smith come out. Have him give in his own words the account of the first vision. With the picture prompts that he has brought help the children learn the verse. Than Joseph and send him back through the time machine.

I'm so excited for Sunday! It's been great to hear how you have made your time machines and how it has worked for you. Thanks for all you kind words. Have a wonderful week.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Introdution Sunday--Follow the Prophet

Are ya ready to tackle this one? I hope you are, it's going to be so much fun.

I'm changing my monthly method a bit this month. This song is big, and repeat week and program week will be incorporated into the activities I'm going to do...but it won't be the main focus this month. All four weeks will actually be somewhat of introduction weeks....but we'll get the job done. Two weeks ago, I already handed out a different verse to each primary class (most of the Jr. primary classes are paired with a Sr. Class so it will work for the program) they've been looking over what their verse says already.

I read a primusic group email that suggested the main idea of the time machine. I'm sorry I don't remember who exactly was so brilliant as to come up with this, but thanks a million. My crazy mind took hold and added too it a bit...

So here's week #1 of "Follow The Prophet" ADAM WAS A PROPHET


1 Time machine (Okay, I've thought a lot about the best way to go about it. For me, the best way to make a time machine will be to decorate the inside of the primary room door to look like the door of a time machine. You can do this anyway you want, and I really haven't got that far who knows what it will end up looking like. Just make sure it has a little mock dial that can be turned to "Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon/Pearl of Great Price, Latter Days". The reason I choose to do it on the Primary door was I didn't want anyone to have to sit in a box and wait until I was ready for them to come out...this way, they can just wait for me to say loudly out side the door...."Let's see who comes out of our time machine.")

1 wonderful husband and wife team that will play the part of Adam and Eve. Have them dress up in simple clothing....animal skins ...etc. Post Garden, obviously. Give them a little script as to what they need to say..have them memorize it and put it into their own words so it looks natural for them.

5 picture prompts for each line...that have been mounted on apples (or whatever fruit you would like) cutouts to hang on the board. Have Eve bring these with her.

Draw a picture of a Tree on the board big enough for your apples to fit on.


Tell the children that today is an exciting day. We're going to have a visitor from the past, but before we can do that we need to learn the chorus of our new song. Teach the chorus any way you would like too.....most of the children know this by heart. This shouldn't take more than 2 min.

Go over to the "time machine" Set it to Old Testament times. Put your ear to the door and whisper..."I think its working....I'd better get back."

Have Adam open the door with his back to the children and say, "Over here Eve, I think I found some more firewood." Have him turn around and looked shocked to see the children....Have Eve show up looking at Adam (not noticing the children) and say, "Look Adam, I found some nice apples..." then have her notice his shocked look and look at the kids and have her look surprised.

At this point, invite them to come to the front. Have them introduce themselves (maybe even sing the "hello" song too them for kicks)...then have Adam tell a bit about them and about their lives. Have them be quick and to the point. It should only take two min their story through questions. Have Eve show the children the apples, and have her tell them that she thinks this will help the children to remember who they are and what they did...

Have a child come and see if they can pick out the first line of the song. Have them put it on the tree. (For Jr. Primary, have Eve hand them the correct apple and have them put it on the tree.) Sing through the lines. Combine it with the chorus. Have the class that is going to sing this verse come to the front and lead the rest of the Primary in singing it.

Have Adam tell the children he was happy to meet them. Have him encourage them to do their best and keep reading the Scriptures and Following the Living Prophet. Have Adam and Eve wave goodbye and go back into the time machine.

This should take up your time. If not, you can then quickly teach them the Enoch verse.

Next week---Noah. Make sure and keep your time machine stuff, we'll be using it all month.